[Witness Update] Have you seen our website? 😊🚀 Invitation to our new discord inside this post 💬, 🔀 Witness transition update

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Before we will talk about our new website, let's' start with the update about a process of changing a witness account by us :)

🔀 Witness transition update

What happens after the publication of our last post 3 days ago:


just blew our mind!

To be honest, we hoped for some interest from people - especially from those which supported our old @noisy.witness account, but we were sure... that transition to a new account will take at least a month... or maybe even 3 months.

Because our transition is not fully complete, a quick recap to those which maybe didn't hear about it. We already had a witness account (@noisy.witness), but we decided to deactivate it (in next 1-2 weeks)... and move to a new account @wise-team to reflect... that our projects are no longer an effect of single-mane effort :)

Moving from one account to another is considered to be very risky for everyone... and especially for witnesses. Why? Because:

  1. there is no rename account feature
  2. a new account needs to start from a scratch
  3. Steemit (currently the biggest platform build on top of Steem), do not have a notification system... or a way to message people
  4. witness votes do not decay over time... so if you cannot notify someone about your new account.. or this person cannot vote (for example, because of lost keys)... votes from old account will not be movable in practice

So when we realized that within just a few days @wise-team already reclaimed a position of @noisy.witness we have been in quite a big shock!


We are still in process of notifying our supporters (via steem.chat, discord, slacks, telegrams, facebooks, etc) but this takes some time. If we cannot find another solution, in the last resort we are sending a transfer with a message in memo, but we want to avoid doing that... because we know that this looks like spam.

So... he still has around ~300 people to notify so they would know that they should cancel a vote for our old account and (hopeful) support our new account... of course, if they think we still deserve their support :)


Our new website

If you will go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses, you will be able to notice a column called information:


We noticed that there is a possibility to have there a link to an external dedicated website. We think that instead of linking to own profile or last witness-update-post, it is a much better option to link to a dedicated website... because we can put there much more information about us for users.

If you didn't see it already, we would like to invite you to:



We believe that a good witness should be aware of problems with which community struggles every day. Effective communication is also a key to the development of a good product - there is no point of developing features which people do not like or don't need.

Steem community has official steem.chat which we all love and still use every day, but we also find it very limiting when it comes to our needs. We decided to pick discord as the main communication channel, mostly because:

  • ease of creation of new channels (on steem.chat it is possible, but every time contact with admin is required)
  • voice channels (sometimes it is more efficient to speak out at loud!)
  • very good API (we are in the process of building few simple bots, to make our lives easier!)

Click here to join our discord :)



I would like to clarify:

  • If you need some help with our tools: Wise, Engrave, steemprojects, steemfounders... => ask on our discord
  • If you need any particular new feature / change in one of our projects => talk with us on discord (we need your voice!)
  • If you would like to develop with us / create some pull requests / have issues => talk to us on discord
  • If you would like to have some smalltalk with us => you are always welcome to make some fun on the discord together with us

We are there for you! :D

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