Tips for fomatting your Steem Post

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While most of you should already know the key editor features of STEEM, I reckon that this is worth a rehash, as I am learning to write better too:

Large Text (Header)

To create large text, use an # , or by using the < h1 > tag
The more # you use the SMALLER the text will appear.
Make sure to leave a space between the # and the word you want to enlarge.

  • Largest is # word, or < h1 > word < /h1 >
  • Smallest is # word, or < h6 > word < /h6 >


To make a word appear in bold font, use ** before and after the word.
You do NOT need to leave spaces between the ** and the word.
You can also use the tag.

  • word : ** word **
  • word : < b > word < /b >


To link a website to a word or phrase in your post, use [ ] and ( ).
The text goes in the [ ] and the link goes in the ( )

[ word or phrase ]( website. com )
If you are not using the markdown editor, you can also create a link this way

< a href = "">name of website < /a >


To create small spaces above and below the picture, use

< br >< center > picture. jpg < /center > < br >
To create a new line without new paragraph you need to put at least 2 spaces at the end of each line.

Hope this helps!

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