WILT: Science Facts You Should Know #1.

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Most educational institutions have succeeded in classifying educational fields into art and science, in other to help the student decide which field he/she wishes to major in. But in life scenarios, one cannot do without the other. A balanced understanding of both field is required.

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Take for instance, a management (art) student must understand that whenever he/she cooks, he/she is carrying out a chemical reaction. Same goes for a science student, each time he draws out his budget or calculate his taxes.

Although both art and science are indispensable, one amongst them seems to be more exciting than the other, as it comes with a lot of flamboyancy and "razzmatazz", making the other look a little unappreciated. That one is SCIENCE. But can we really fault it?

In the spirit of science we all love and adore, I created this series (WHAT I LEARNT TODAY) to reveal to us several shocking science facts, as well as quotes by famous scientist. If you find the fact or quote of the moment interesting, feel free to leave a comment below.


Facts are the air of science. Without them you never can fly.

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936) Russian

**SCIENCE FACT: Did You know that ... **

A sneeze travels at 161 kilometres (100 miles) per hour


I hope you found this fact informative. Till next time

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