We have 35 Whales, 285 Orcas, 1788 Dolpins and 8823 Minnows

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*data by @arcange, he puts out a daily post with user stats.

  • 35 Whales
  • 285 Orcas
  • 1788 Dolphins
  • 8823 Minnows
  • 104,804 Redfish

Last time (4 months ago) I did a post about these numbers:

 We had:

  •  37 Whales
  • 260 Orcas
  • 1686 Dolphins
  • 8243 Minnows
  • 129,615 Redfish

While these numbers are certainly not an overwhelming success, it does seem we are making really slow growth even while we've faced some tough situations lately.

  • Price, Interest and activity in Crypto in general is down, we are no exception
  • Execution of HF20 was rough and the reaction even rougher
  • We are still waiting for SMTs.  Although the expectations have been set accordingly, the whole place feels like it is in limbo.

There are a few simple points one can pull from this:

  • Telling Redfish and Minnows to seek whale and dolphin votes is simply bad advice.
  • There are not enough stakeholders to give much value to Steem as a currency.

It's a interesting balance when you consider the currency without the content sites really isn't good for much.  A currency held by a handful of people isn't much of a currency at all.

Paying for Content without Crypto speculation is a nearly impossible without adsense or something along those lines and the vast majority of posts here would not get enough traffic to generate a penny.  Content without Ads, holds no value in any other Marketspace.

Combining Speculation on the Currency with Content, might make both work better together.

Where people gather an economy develops.  This is a fact.

We tend to have people who are either focused on the Currency or focused on the Content.  Both sides are valid, but I think people come for engagement and money, to tell a story, and...   it is people who decide every day whether to buy, sell, or hold Steem.  

Wonder if at some point we stop fighting about Currency vs. Content and get around to engaging with People.


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I am one of those stats..swimming up from redfish to minnow lol. Gonna be a dolphin one fine day :D

What will happen with all those inactive accounts? Will they simply sit there for eternity?


Congratulations!!! Whoot.

Yeah, the inactives I guess will act as "Burning Steem". I bet a lot of them likely don't even have owners who wrote down the password. But it's just a guess.


Thanks! There were a couple of people who joined at my urging. One posted a couple times and the other did nothing at all. They said it was too difficult to use and time consuming too, which confounds me as they sit all day long on facebook. I understand it isn't for everyone. In any case they are also statistics being in the 'inactive' category.


Writing down the passwords! There should be a prize awarded for that. That alone throws people into a spin. Hmmm, now i'm at a dead stop thinking about the complexities of steemit. I could go back to my fantasy of easy click to buy steem in my wallet. Ok that ones not working for me. What else?

Whatsup :)

Very good you pull those 2 up... some people would argue that the distribution is working looking at these numbers.

I wonder what's distributed? And a followup question what's contributed?

I fully agree with your views on "currency" content and speculation.


Each round of new users we get... We lose some and yet some stay...

I think some come hunting easy money, when they don't find it they move on.

Others come with some thng to say, or time to build an account and they stay.


i come for the reward, and stay for the fun and the people.
often time, down seeing the flag war and the same trending account.

i wonder, how many whale will be gone in the future, maybe more orcha will come. : )

Exactly. Steem is first and foremost a social media. A lot of people cannot leave facebook/Instagram because of the level of engagement there. If we can get that, then the money may not even be so relevant


The new apps need to help people connect with people they are interested in also.


Hmm, isn't Steem first and foremost a cryptocurrency blockchain with a heavy emphasis on stake? Hard networking can overcome many of the limitations of unluckily coming with a small stake, but I'm not sure whether investors are coming here for the promise of profit or for the promise of having a place to share things.


Pointedly not.

Though it would be more accurate to say that the steem ecosystem is first and foremost a set of social media platforms with a common "scorekeeping" device which is implemented via the medium of a public blockchain which happens to have a heavy emphasis on stake.

It is pointedly not a cryptocurrency. It's a crypto-commodity, and the commodity is – theoretically – the valuation/quality of content in that social media ecosystem.

Which is appointed problem when there are no people generating serious quality content for that social media ecosystem. The commodity is valued marginally. It has nothing to offer people.

If people engage with the system, the commodity grows in value. If they don't, the commodity has no value.

People are not coming to the steem ecosystem for the promise of having a place to share things. There are lots of places to share things, most of which have a better UI, more attentive developers, and frankly a better community. Most of the people who show up are here looking for the promise of profit, and even those people are being diluted thanks to the fact that Minds is now mining the same vein.

Offer something people want and they will come and get it. Fail to offer something people want and people have no need for your commodity.

This is a harsh truth.


the harsher truth though: not only fail to deliver what was offered or implied ("promise of profit") - but even make them PAY for each and every basic trivial action. :D
from registration to just simple post Editing. as you said:

There are lots of places to share things, most of which have a better UI, more attentive developers, and frankly a better community.

have to add to that and emphasize: "and where they do not have to pay to share things, but can do all those actions for free" (nor are told to Invest / Lend into ecosystem if they want to raise those limitations)

Telling Redfish and Minnows to seek whale and dolphin votes is simply bad advice.
ITs also frustrating to see all the time on comments! Wonder who thought that is was good advice in the first place?

I tend to think its just best to focus on the community and engaing with people that actually produce content that you find interesting, fun or thought provoking!


Exactly... Not sure who thought it was a good idea, but it creates frustration. Of those accounts, not that many are curating anyway.


I used to do this before. I got the hang of knowing where to push buttons. It gave me lots of results and let me grow quickly to where I am now from 0, but I got bored after a few months. Now I'm earning in other ways, but I do think that it's possible if you're smart about it.

Interesting stats.

  • any idea what happened to the 2 whales? or who they were?

I am not sure... I fear he broke up his account into several orca and dolphin accounts. lol. Seriously, I just don't know.

One thing though, of those large accounts many accounts are held by just a few people. we really have just a handful of stakeholders.


I know of whales having also a multiple of orca and dolphin accounts...


I would say many if not most have more than one account.

I guess I'm surprised to see that we have fewer minnows but then I think some of them became dolphins.


Yeah, and with the price down, I think it is harder for small users to see the value in the grind. Not much you can do about a lack of vision.

I am tempering my "you are blogging on facebook anyway, might as well get paid for it on STEEM" simplicity message with "You will need to produce good content and do some networking to build a following" lately.

It is good in a way that things are down as people can get in and get their feet wet before things go nuts again.


This is definitely one of my favourite posts lately because it touches this sensitive topic that everyone wants to talk about. What's the "correct" focus? I'd say that networking brings better results (for profit and followers) than posting good content, but posting good content while networking is way more effective.


I would say that one without the other is a bit of a waste of time. You won't get a network without good content but good content alone will not get you a network.

Post once a day and comment/upvote is all I have ever done. Made some good friends in the journey as well!

Chasing a whale or a dolphin for an upvote is definetely a waste of time. Mehn how would a whale constantly upvote your post when he does not know you?

The secrete is to engage! Engagement and intetaction build bounds.


Like what we call thinking, is merely talking to oneself.


Bufff... seems you are really upset with the situation, what are you doing to improve it?


Ohhh I am not, I am doing great... I don't need improvement


You can actually improve. Never settle for anything less.

good post and discussion! I wish I could find it just 1 day earlier to be able to resteem it :)

"engaging with People" - I agree.
instead of "delegating to bid-bots".
(or at least beside that, for some variety)
especially in current arrangements when people have to "pay" (in RC) for creating Content (and for its curation, in VP).

Fully agree with you...
Despite it is indeed a growth, it is still so poor but I think this is related as well with whole market recession.
I’m still thinking engaging is the key for success here.

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Growth??? You mean growth in accounts? That's not growth at all. Accounts, or Users that contribute what?


There is no growth expected in this heavy bear market that we have. The fact that we aren't smaller and are instead still growing is a very good sign that we are resisting the fall, and that when the market becomes bullish again, we'll rise very easily.


I'm thinking it is just going to be a grind for a while in crypto in general.

where people gather an economy develops

If we, redfish, could gather together am very sure we can do the impossible.

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We can clearly see some progress on the numbers with more minnows, dolphins, orcas and this is a good indicator!


There is also another perspective to it, could be that some accounts are just not keeping up with the inflation / dilution game. and going down the ladder...


What do you exactly mean?


Yep, swimming upstream and making a bit of progress.


:D It'd be fun if fishies that swam upstream became bigger as they reached the surface.

What do we call rest of the 900k accounts?


Inactive. :)


Whehehe, yeah... or suckpuppet accounts just bought by some insiders. Who knows?

Good stats!
Not enough to move the needle to the north direction.
It is plausible to see the way the trend is heading.
Keep on postin'

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