The Next Few Days Are Going to be Dramatic

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I don't think it is ever okay to mess with anyone's stake, so I am not a fan of the upcoming hardfork.

Am I outraged? No, not really, just disappointed. If you participated in freezing someone else's stake and are outraged, I just think you are unprincipled and silly.

Either it is just code and witnesses can run what they want, or stake is sacred.

Let's hope the HF goes through without any hitches or is cancelled.

Good luck my friends.

I have 6 weeks left on my power down decision making window.


I am neutral on this hard fork and already busy focused on other things.

Good way to view it.

Posting here to the main discussion.

I think the real motivation is basically the fact that they felt more or less like jilted lovers. If they weren't excluded from Hive, they would probably be OK with everything. The whole announcement is mostly talking about Hive and Hive's history...which is kind of weird for a fork of Steem. They should be able to justify their reasons for the fork without mention of Hive.

So many dicks in the comments. I love humans. LoL

At least they picked attractive dicks, for the photo

I never wanted my career to come onto here...bloody hell...

That is some hard fork, huh?


Your stupidity never fails to amaze. lol

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