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Flagged for disagreement on rewards and also for just being ridiculous.


what we said we will keep our promise as well and all will see only delegator will get profit so what about the other post makers show me a whale who post quality posts there are thousands of people working hard and getting no upvote.

Also you whale are friends with each other and deal to upvote only their post i will show whale upload shit posts and they getting their other whales vote no one care about minnow only about their self to make more money if we will offer high guarantee profitable vote what is the problem with them ?


You have a brand new account with nearly zero stake in the game. nuff said..

I have nothing at the moment so i am not taking anything from any one hope you will feel that too and i clearly said in post in note to not send any fund if you send i will refund with no vote
minnows need support too small investors need support too.
only whales exchanges their vote will not give steem any benefit we need more new users too , hope you get that

You have to remember we know nothing about you, plenty of people have misused delegations and support.

While we do need new users and minnows, we also need to evaluate the ability of teams presenting projects to fulfill the obligations. It's hard to do what with anonymous accounts, without a reputation, and zero stake.

I wish you the best and if you are serious about trying to build a business on Steem I recommend building a relationship with the community.

Do you know who is therising ?upmewhale?rocky1?inciter? :(

i hope no but still they are working on the platform , i know i will get a start from small amount and i am trying to contact a community , for one day delegation i will get just few steems if i want to cheat and the i will upvote any thing but for that upvote i can be flagged too so i have nothing to cheat with the steemians,

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