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RE: How to Save Steem

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That should bring the participation level down a bit more!

Can you name one successful Author's Site?

What do you perceive the potential market for this to be? (how many people want to participate in a Writing Contest, day after day)

2 billion people casually post on the Internet each day...

The only one's I know are completely devoid of audience besides the other Authors and an English Instructor or two.

Who do you expect to participate? Who do you expect to read the results.

I'm hoping you are kidding....


I've used the appropriate tags lol

Those were not the right tags of the month. Your penalty downvotes will arrive shortly.

i'll just use like 20 of them next time xD

Oh thank goodness! haha
:) I missed the tags.


SeriousNotSerious News. I like it! lol

Yeah why not just have the blockchain pass out random prizes!

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I like your point, I haven't read the whole road map but my intuition tells me that Steemit aims to be a general social network. Not for authors willing to put in the effort of writing high quality but extensive content every day.

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