Interesting Steem Pump

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Steem is currently trading at about .29 cents and 3000 satoshis.

It ground through 101 BTC of volume today and looks like it still trying to go up.

I have no idea what is fueling the pump, but it's a pretty decent one.


SBD is also doing well.


Currently trading at about $1.10 under low volume.

The looming hardfork is about 7 hours away...

I have to admit mixed feelings, I don't want anyone to mess whith anyone's stake, but on the other hand. I can't wait until they are gone.




Meanwhile Steem witnesses are disabling their nodes at a rapid rate and being immediately replaced with new sock puppets voted in by Steemit Inc. Justin knows how to keep things interesting.

Never running low on drama around here.



You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

To view or trade DRAMA go to

I also think that removing someone's stake isn't the best solution but I am glad that all of this fighting will finally be over, at least I hope so.

So if the fighting ends... you’re fine with seizing stake? Isn’t the mute feature to hide those accounts you don’t like see fighting a better option than implicitly condoning theft?

Pity theres no market to sell it in, I see Binance and Bitrexx are disabled

One cannot deposit or withdraw the STEEM asset from, even, poloniex which is JS' exchange; though it can be traded if on the exchange already. This pump must be some kind of pay off.

Justin Pump.

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