Content Creators - The Tides Are Getting Ready To Change

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My focus on how the market has been developing has annoyed many Content Creators, but the tides are turning now.  I've said that first we needed investors and developers and we had a large supply of content creators, but that is beginning to change.

Now we have front-ends popping up everywhere both on Steem and elsewhere in crypto as well.  It seems that EOS will have several social media type projects like ONO, Steem.2, Karma and more.  Suddenly there are going to be a lot of platforms looking for users and the Content Creators will suddenly be what is in demand.

Competition is coming and if you are a serious Content Creator this could be your opportunity.  Which platform wants your content?  Where can you get visibility?  Which platforms will be marketing, recruiting building a community?  I don't know yet, but it is interesting to watch the beginning of competition and as I have been predicting, the power shift is going to begin to happen.  

It's a small circle still and there will be a lot of crossover between the communities, so keep your reputation clean and watch as this starts to develop.  :)  

All these platforms are going to want and need Content Creators and in a few months we will probably have more platforms that need:  Writers, Community Managers, Curators, Engaging People, Funny People and more.

Hang in there, I'm seeing the first signs of the tides changing!


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Sometimes you might not updated, Mithril also here! Anyway, for me it's STEEMIT, it's purely on STEEM blockchain and all others are just token projects on EOS or ETH blockchain!


A lot of new jobs online.

Yes there will be and communities looking for people!

"EOS will have several social media type projects like ONO, Steemit.2, Karma and more."
Why would they have 3 competing social media platforms on one blockchain? Seems strange.

They are not competing - EOS is a blockchain. It runs dapps. The dapps are competing.

Interesting. "Decentralized Applications".
EOS seems to be even more complicated than Steem.


@dan had mentioned Steem 2.0 but is that the same as Steemit 2.0 ???

Oh, yeah.... I probably misquoted that! Thank you.

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I'd like to know more about these other places from a more in depth point of view. Do you still see Steemit as the best place currently to produce content for crypto reward?

While I only have about 700 followers I'm regularly getting SBD$3-$5 rewards per post, with an occasional one over SBD$50. Are we going to see other platforms that can compete with this sort of return?


As of right now, Steem is the only one paying any level of real rewards!

I'm still bullish on Steem. However, I see brighter days ahead for some of the content creators that feel under appreciated.

Sweet times ahead, at least from my perspective.

let's hope you're right.

Oh, I am right! :)

The other day you stated about ONO and after going through about it it sure sound like a cool project Ke Xu she sure has visions and by the implementation of those, ONO might get the visibility that not only for the content creators but like normal users it will be sth that everyone is searching while do not really know about the other projects but yes competition is better and only time can tell what will be going on !

Lets hope for the best !

The power of the content creators is getting ready to show it's self. Which platform wants to make end users feel welcome. Which platform is filled with investors that want to participate in the community and help the thing grow?

Steemit is my first priority and lets just wait and see how hard EOS hits the floor !

I'm sure EOS will have issues just as Steem does. The question is which site will try to build loyalty with their content creators and endusers.

That goes without saying !

As too many options are not that good as it sounds !

Eagerly waiting though !

Great to hear that you are watching new opportunities and for sure future holds exciting times and more opportunities will going to open and if more opportunities are opening then competition will going to increase and this will inturn will going to help whole Crypto Sphere.

And yes, everyone should be ready for the opportunity because we don't know which opportunity will bring what so we have to pursue the opportunities and for that preparations are important and that means, we have to buildup our account and we have to improve our Reputation.

And in Crypto Sphere any project can come forward so we don't know which project will stand as competition for the next project, so we have to become more exploitative because whenever new opportunity arises we have to be ready to grab it and we should be early adopters to gain the benefits.

And yes, there are many talks regarding some Platforms in Crypto Sphere and some also attained the user interests and people are waiting for the launch, and for sure from now we will going to enter into the phase of content competition.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Everyone should watch all the projects develop and produce content where there is opportunity,

Absolutely true. 🙂

That's a complete shift of power I think. Seems like instead of content creators searching for the suitable platform, Platforms are going to be in competition in search of good content creators! Anyway , this is what the actual decentralization. Power is in our hands!

Yes, the power is in our hands! In my opinion the average level of content creators will become higher over time - the ones who dont work hard, or moan etc filter out over time .

I haven't thought about that before, but that makes a lot of sense. A ton of the content creators on the new page are minnows desperately tying to get Steem with repetitive garbage posts, but they still don't really get much, and eventually they're gonna realize they're wasting everybody's time including their own.

I didnt really think about it until I wrote the comment haha! But it makes sense though - the ones that understand how crypto work and that its a long term 'investment' and not a get rich quick scheme will remain and the others will leave. I reckon in maybe 6 months to a years time the overall quality of posts on here will be much better.

Yeah those people that just moan and post trash are anoying but not much can be done about it ...

Yes, of course!

Agree!!!!! Agree.

Yes, there was no place else to do... But did Steem build loyalty in the endusers? Do they feel valued? Do they have any reason to stay... time will tell.

Ohhh really Steemit and EOS are working lots of things for content creators.
that's very good for every one who loves to write about any topics.
I thinks this will be next generation of social media.
Last era was for Facebook and Twitter where users wrote about their feelings and sharing their awesome moments and those companies became rich.
But Steemit started sharing his profit with users and now users are attracting towards Steemit and Dtube.
Because Facebook and Tweeter is not sharing his profits while users spend their lots of time for Facebook and other sites.
And users will be happy if they got rewards for their time what ever will spend here and they do some hard work to grow.

Thanks Team #EOS #Steemit and @whatsup

I'm definitely looking forward to this shift. I'd encourage everyone to try and learn the ins and outs of these new platforms before they launch so you know how to best position yourself from the beginning. This next year should be interesting.

I agree. It is going to get very dicey... it's easy to ignore the endusers when there is no competition. :) Excellent content creators with a following and bit of stake are going to become much more valuable very soon.

Awesome - loads of new oppurtunities to be had! I am amazed at all the new dapps coming out on the Steem blockchain - there truly is becoming an oppurtunity for everyone - from photography to reviews, blogging and memes

It is great! It is going to be really good for end-users and content creators. I just love supply and demand. It is a beautiful thing.

What if there was a community that welcomed new users, and investors that were investing in retention instead of maximizing shortterm profits. I don't know if there is one yet, but it seems the power is going to shift with the competition. Which is what I've predicted, but it is interesting to see it come true.

I was just checking out ONO earlier. What do you think of it?

I was just checking
Out ONO earlier. What
Do you think of it?

                 - princessmewmew

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

haha, sweet sweet music to my ears.


I think it is interesting and I think it would be cool to NOT have to buy votes. :)

My thoughts exactly! I wonder if there will be a way to cross post. That would be legit!

I'm sure there will be lots of people who cross post. It will be interesting to see how the communities react. :) It's crypto.

So exciting!


This is good news for someone who is working to create original, quality content and to acknowledge and comment on same.

This is so funny and great you posted this. I feel the same way and was working on a post. I'll explain soon :P

Lots of competition now and lot's of choices. The great thing is that we all play a factor in the growth. Even the little new user that doesn't know the platform.

Agreed. Soon to be gone the idea of Rage quitting with no place else to go. The people who have built a community of support and a following are going to become very valuable.

Hang in there, I'm seeing the first signs of the tides changing!

I so hope you're right about this @whatsup. I'm in a bit of a dip with Steemit right now. Having the opportunity to earn better would be a great incentive to keep on keeping on producing content. 😊

the draw to crypto content is speculation. Build a following, earn some stake, learn about the various projects. :)

Yep. I'm doing all that too @whatsup. 😊

I just love it, @whatsup when you give hope to the people! LOL

The world is changing time to shift gears ;)

Before this post I didn't hear about #ONO.
Is it like Steemit? @whatsup
The main problem is that maximum people don't have basic knowledge about cryptocurrency, and that's why Steemit is not growing as fast as fb, twitter.
If some new opportunities is coming, then we should catch those opportunities. :)
I want to be a part of this community ;)

I am here and am here to stay. My latest favorite platform on the Steem blockchain is steemhunt. It's really like a glove for me as I am almost daily reading about tech, gadgets and gizmos, but haven't made myself a niche for that to post on Steemit. Can't wait to see what else comes with the new tides :)

I like Steem and I have built loyalty with some of the people I follow and some of those who follow me. I don't have a ton of loyalty to the platform.

I will be on Steem for as long as it works well for me. That is what they have earned from me.

Alabama saying. Roll tide started when a heavy rain during a football game stained the white jerseys with red mud. When the tide comes in nothing can stop it, like their football team.

wow this is really amazing

Interesting piece of information you are sharing here.

So far, I have only used Steemit in it's purest form. Maybe I should start to change that up.

Indeed you should @paparodin - well atleast start to look at whats out there - there is far more to this blockchain than just Steemit thats for sure!

I have no experience with creating videos and taking pictures is something I am remarkably bad at so that limits my options. Gave the memeing a try as well and wasn't really feeling too good about it.

You know me a bit, what would you suggest to me?

"what would you suggest to me?"
Think. Imagine a tale. Write.
We read.


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However it is competition, I have a feeling this is good.

However it is
Competition, I have a
Feeling this is good.

                 - brothermic

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I’ve hardly scratched the surface of Steemit. Time to delve a little deeper to understand a little more about all this blockchain stuff.

content creator now in different social media.. I will be the serious content creator and making preparation for this competition.

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So much jobs available for whoever that wants it.

Very interested to check others out as well. Just to see...

Yes! I was called to write content for a blog through steemit platform. I would love grab all those opportunities

This starts to get good.

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What an optimistic and encouraging post @whatsup, the future looks so promising for content creators.

It's exciting times! I'm looking forward to it!

I have agreed from the beginning. Want to make a million dollars? Ya have to start with 5 million, the foundation has always been with the capital investment money (the investors).