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I have a crazy idea... Recent events between Hive and Steem and a group of Stakeholders have made it impossible to feel like it is a good idea to hold Steem or take the DPOS governance model seriously.

Per my goofy unpopular opinions I've come up with one way to mend fences and restore credibility to the Steem Chain.

Sometimes You Can't Make Something Right, but you can show understanding of the misdeed.

It's kind of a crazy idea and takes a bit of coordination. Even suggesting it will likely get me in more hot water with both sides... But here it is.

Step 1: Justin Sun or the Steem Witnesses Repay the dollar amount wiped from the Stakeholder Accounts on Steem during Hardfork 23.

Let a Hive group create an account (possibly community321) and send that account an equivalent amount of Hive to "payback" the removed stake. (clearly someone has to buy the Hive)

Step 2: Both Teams agree to ask Bittrex to send the Steem back to a spokesperson on Steem to recoup the funds.

Each side has done their best to make the otherside "Whole", and the farming, spamming and harassment of the Steem Blockchain is over.

The fact that any of it happened in the first place remains ugly, but it shows goodwill and a willingness to consider taking funds unacceptable behavior.

Just a thought... Pretty sure I'll get killed by bothsides on this one! :)

Happy Saturday,



I think what most feels like a stone in my shoe on this whole thing is that there are ALL these people talking about decentralization and how we are above needing such things as lawyers, laws and regulators... and yet we find ourselves in this weird shadowland where people suddenly want "legal action" taken to restore this, that, and the other.

Which all goes back to something you may remember me broadcasting (typically to deaf ears) for over three years: Just because we're "on the blockchain" doesn't exempt us from dealing with the vagaries of human nature.

The truth!

Step 1: Justin Sun or the Steem Witnesses Repay the dollar amount wiped from the Stakeholder Accounts on Steem during Hardfork 23.

The static dollar amount? On a crypto with hardly any liquidity?
Can you imagine a 26M coin buy wall on an exchange? Literally will never exist.

Everyone keeps quoting the dollar amount that has been stolen when no dollars have been stolen, I find it extremely comical. The accounts that had their coins "stolen" are all on record as stating Steem is a worthless centralized database. By their own admission, nothing has been stolen, there is no value here.

Even @blocktrades went to great lengths to explain why a fork with a different distribution is not theft.
The double standard in this situation is laughable.


No theft has occurred.

And if a theft has occurred, we must go through the shell company Steemit Inc to get it back.
In which case Steem will be dumped to zero and Steemit Inc will be conveniently hacked and declare bankruptcy.

Trying to beat Justin Sun at his own game?
Centralization? Imperialism? Corporations? Lawyers?
Yeah, stick to blockchain, because he is about to fuck you up if you go toe to toe on his turf.

The accounts that had their coins "stolen" are all on record as stating Steem is a worthless centralized database

Where did mottler-1 or mottler say anything about Steem being a worthless decentralized database?

The accounts that had their steem taken were targeted for wallet size. Nothing to do with steem or hive activity

Yes its a good thing to suggest.
Even psychopaths can be persuaded to do the right thing. I am not sure your post has the leverage as you were so polite.

My thoughts are that Justin Sun could give a rat's arse about the millions he dropped for STINC. What does bug his arse is loosing face. The V.22.2 Cabal did that from the first day he was on the job. For him to take down $6 million of those asshats behind V22.2 is probably worth the millions he gave to the old snake oil salesman, @ned. Got to admit it that it kind of makes me feel fuzzy inside, too, to to see the vindictive a-holes get a bit of their own.

I think this is actually a great idea. I said in another comment that if the funds were returned to their rightful owners, it would have been the best possible scenario for Steem. They would have been able to cut the cord and if they really wished, been rid of those on Hive. This way, they have ensured retailiation though whatever means possible.

I just can't seem to get myself to care about the politics anymore and picking sides, can't we just go back to the core focus of both chains and that's milking it every day in the hope that we ever get somewhere

may the slaughter commence!

I doubt you'll get much flack - I mean, yes, asking a thief to pay the victim restitution is usually a good idea. It isn't very controversial..... is it?? 😂

I once told you that Justin has a bad image in cryptocommunity. It has become clear now that he will kill steem instead of reviving it as u postulated then. I hope u got ur hive though.

I did get it.

I'm currently powering down on both platforms.

So both are likely to fail ?

I don't think there is any evidence that either will fail or succeed, I think that DPOS run by people who will tamper with stake has all the risks of Crypto, plus a bad governance

should be no problem to blog and hold small amounts of funds, but I wouldn't want to hold large amounts of stake.

This chain is broken my friend, forget about it

I guess that's true if forks aren't an option.
If making a shit-ton of money off of two feuding communities is broken...
let's not fix it.

THIS x 1 million!

All the noise around "but investors!".... investors made so much on this deal. Why would any investor be upset about having their $0.14 token turned into a $0.20 token AND get a $0.30 token in addition? $0.14 of crypto turned into $0.50 of crypto

If you're an investor that had your tokens removed, you only get one or the other. Is that 'worst-case-scenario' so much to fret over?

Always admiring you @Whatsup, because of this strength to share your valuable opinions!!

My guess is everything is now in US law hands! As someone has figured out, every argument of one side can be used against itself. Some have possible threats and opinions, others factual aggressive transactions. As you say, very bad PR for everyone.

My hope, each one working for the progress of their preferred chain!

Your probably right and that is so frustrating! Begging regulators to get further involved with crypto.

And of course they are begging to get involved!
Difficult times for many!
Best wishes for every project, @Whatsup!!

Let me see if I properly understand your idea.

So you want

  • Victims to be paid back (in USD)
  • Hive or victims to use the amount returned to buy HIVE to give to “takers”

I’m not sure about the incentives here.
The victims would have to return what was just returned to them, return that amount to the culprits. So basically that is a zero operation for them, all for the sake of “bridging bridges”, bridges most of the victims decided they were willing to burn by forking to Hive.

This is just a whitewashing idea under the mantra of “good vibes, a whitewashing idea with only one winner... the culprits.

It would be paid in hive at the USD value.

No one on either platform holds the tokens in question they are locked in a "lost" fund on Bittrex.

But to summarize, you want the thieves to be paid for returning what they stole. The exact same amount even. Incentivizing theft is what that is called.

Alternatively it’s called a “solid 11” on a stupid rating from 1-10.

I think it’s Good idea. We need some grown ups to resolve this issue...
As Gandhi once said .... “An eye for an eye makes the whole blockchain go blind.”

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