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I'm seeing curation rewards and post SD rewards take 24 hours. Does that seem right. So these posts that earn $ 10 000 receive the money automatically. Seems like a much more efficient way of distributing payment. Youtube must pay out once a week and seems like it would be a complex distribution method. People can see clearly how efficient a blockchain solution is w steem. 


If you click on the down arrow to the right of the dollar amount, it tells you :)

wow too easy. thanks man. I need to pay attention because it seems like I have been asking very obvious questions.

It's all good, I'm still confused as well. Steem on mane.

I just tried it on an old post . Doesn't show when just tells me it's pending. It was a reply to post as well. Including this one.

However votes add more hours, depends how many votes you get for a certain amount of time.

Broccoli beat me to it, however I have seen that time randomly change for some reason.