There's a mysterious town, called the Gate of God by the local people.

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Every year to September
Autumn will come quietly to Lake Baikal

This place that fascinates Mr. Li Jian
Many people think that Lake Baikal is the most beautiful time in winter.

Because of the dreamlike blue
But Lake Baikal in autumn
It's the most temperamental time.

Lake Baikal in autumn
It's God's Oil Painting World for Russia
It's a colorful fairy tale world
Although it's only 2-3 weeks.
But it's enough to be nostalgic.

                                                                 Lake Baikal in autumn

Wooden House Forest Smoke Makes You Feel the Essence of Life

Lake Baikal in autumn
The sky is peaceful against the lake.

Lake Baikal is the largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. It is also the clearest lake. When the weather is clear, you can see big fish 40 meters below the surface of the water.
Biodiversity is abundant, 80% of the thousands of species are endemic, of which the Baikal seal is the only freshwater seal in the world.

From one day in September, Siberia will turn "yellow" overnight, and all the leaves seem to have been negotiated to turn different yellow.
Seen from a distance like layers of waves, the depth is different, but the layers are distinct.

Blue Eyes in Siberia

If Lake Baikal is the Pearl of Siberia, Olihon Island is the heart of the pearl. Of the 27 islands in Lake Baikal, Olihon Island is the largest.
It presents different beauty in four seasons: the mountain blossoms in summer, the golden autumn, the ice in winter and the snow melting in spring.

The mist of early morning hung over the earth, and the rising sun shone on the land. Everywhere, it sprinkled the golden glory of the sun.
In the deep autumn, many style cabins are hidden, which will bring you poetry and distant hope.

                                                                                           Lake Rim Train

When you come to Lake Baikal, you must take the legendary train around the lake and shuttle between different tunnels. You never know what the scenery of the exit is like and there are surprises everywhere.

The train zigzags along Lake Baikal Railway, passing through 38 tunnels, 47 bridges and viaducts. The whole journey lasts about 7-8 hours. It will stop at 6 distinctive old stations for 30-60 minutes.

On one side of the railway is the lake bay and shore, and on the other is the valley and the mountain forest. The mountain villages along the way are surrounded by woods and grasslands, and the Russian-flavored wooden cabin is like a classic oil painting with strong regional color.

                                                                             The Gate of Lake Baikal

Many people who come to Lake Baikal may not go to Olihon Island or take the train around the lake, but they must come to Lisvyanka.

People call it the gate of Lake Baikal. Like Lake Baikal, it also makes a good impression on everyone who comes here.

The main road close to the lake is called "Gorky Street". Five valleys vertical to the lake shore are the places where the town residents live, many of which are original wooden huts.

Every Valley is a street in the town, and every wooden house has its own number.

                                                                  Affectionate birch

Lake Baikal in autumn is a paradise for birches.

Walking through the trails in birch trees, we often find Russian-style cabins hidden in the trees, quiet and beautiful.

Find a place in the woods where you can see the blue lake, eat on the ground, blow the cool wind, look at the picturesque scenery, and enjoy a quiet life.

The Call of the Angara River
The Angara River is the only river flowing out of Lake Baikal. Its water is like shining blue silk, clear and transparent, boats on the river, trees by the river, beautiful reflections, which make up a fantastic picture.

White clouds and gorgeous autumn bumped into each other.

If you want to find some fireworks, you can go to Irkutsk for a walk. There are beautiful churches, flowing opera houses, warm and romantic cafes and crowded Marx Street.

You can take a look at Kazan Cathedral. It's more like a palace. Bright and light, the long main hall separated by columns is tall and spacious. The central dome is magnificent and magnificent. Looking up, you can see a picture of the Virgin Mary.

You can take a walk on Marx Street, which is the main street in the old city of Irkutsk and the center of the old city.
Almost across the whole Irkutsk, there are cafes, supermarkets, bars and other large and small shops, known as "Oriental Paris".

There are trams with a long history, cars passing through brick streets, and occasionally ringing bells to evoke people's ancient memories of the city.

Only after seeing the autumn of Lake Baikal can we really understand what Chekov said:

Lake Baikal is extremely beautiful. No wonder Siberians call it a lake instead of a sea.!