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Welcome to all Steemains to join this upvoting contest

                        **1000 CONTESTANTS NEEDED**

Starting Date: 21/10/2018

Ending Date: 21/11/2018



                         **LUCKY CONTESTANT**

#1st Prize 4 Steem Dollars ( SBD ) _ Lucky Contestant .

#2nd Prize 3 Steem Dollars ( SBD )_ Lucky Contestant .

#3rd Prize 2 Steem Dollars ( SBD )_ Lucky Contestant .

#4th Prize 0.5 Steem Dollars ( SBD )_ Two Lucky Contestant .

This Upvoting Contest Durations : 1 Month


1_ Any steemain can participate ( no fee ).

2_ Daily upvote on every post @wattoowhale from participations.

3_ Comment on the post for activation .

4_ Follow @wattoowhale.

5_ Resteem the post .

6_Prize will be given Top 4 steemains.

7_ Winners names will be announced 0n 22/11/2018

8_ Prize transfered to winners on 29/11/2018

I will daily announce the name of steemains that participating in this contest .

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I like your contest . let's see

Followed the rules :)

I like your contest. Good luck for everybody!
Upvote + Reesteem

Thank you for using Resteem & Voting Bot @allaz Your post will be min. 10+ resteemed with over 13000+ followers & min. 25+ Upvote Different account (5000+ Steem Power).

Perfect good contest, active.

This is a big contest, and it must be running,.

Very good contest to appreciate people @wattoowhale

Hi, This contest really support new users in steemit thanks @wattoowhale

Oh this is greet! 😍


Hi! If in your contest participant A and participant B will have at the end of contest the same amount of upvotes and resteems who will be the winner?

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@travoved. Participant follow rule till the end then i will look for a lucky draw.

Thank you for explaining!

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I want to participate too!