Natural coconut

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Bananas, rich in vitamin B6, also play an important role in stimulating chemical reactions of proteins and amino acids, and are an important tool for keeping the brain functioning normally. These chemical elements increase the production of red blood cells, maintain a chemical balance in body fluids, assist in energy production, and provide resistance to stress (stress). Carbohydrates serve as auxiliary enzymes in the process of metabolizing fats and proteins. In addition, bananas cure many types of anemia (lack of red blood cells in blood or in hemoglobin levels), are instrumental in building cells and muscles, maintaining body fluid balance, and curing heart disease. Conversely, vitamin B6 deficiency can lead to fatigue, affect one's ability to concentrate, insomnia, anemia, skin diseases, etc.17

The human creator has created this beneficial fruit and draws our attention to its benefits. God affirms that He has given to men what they want and need, and has reminded them not to fellowship with those who are not grateful,


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