Are you interested deleting your post or comment?

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Deleting your comments and posts

Have you notice there is no delete button for your blog posts. Personally I think it would be very useful to delete some of your posts that doesn't make you happy anymore. At the moment there is only one way to delete your post. It is possible to "delete" within 24 hours by overwriting your post.

I would like to delete few of my posts and after that I would start promoting Steemit to Finnish people. At the moment I regret that I wrote two post and would like to delete them. Once I can do that I will start to promote Steemit to Finnish people.

If you want to Steemit to make delete button. Please tell your opinion about this and upvote!

Thanks! :)

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This is a good idea. A public/private feature would be useful, as well. I'm curious as to how this would be implemented, though, since steemit is incredibly transparent.

It is possible. However; it is difficult. The private message would have to be encrypted. They could also make the private message simply be a feature that does not interact with the blockchain.

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All of your posts are permanently recorded on the blockchain. Once recorded, it is a permanent record and cannot be reversed. Even when you make an edit, both versions are actually permanently on the blockchain. I guess Steemit could make it possible to delete your post so it doesn't show up on this web page. However, someone could still retrieve all posts with other programs, since they permanently reside on the blockchain.

They just took the delete and edit features away recently, they can be given back just as easily.

The reason given by one of the people that know the developers was that is was a reaction to the hack and post defacement's, and that they don't trust the users with their own keys now...
Any public forum needs both edit and delete features to survive and not turn into a giant pile of broken or incorrect duplicate posts. It will completely ruin SEO and search engine results if left this way. Delete would also help reduce blockchain bloat, so it is just crazy to remove the ability completely.

Delete and edit are both needed.

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You can't delete things from a blockchain without a hardfork. Having a delete feature would do nothing about blockchain bloat. However, Google doesn't interact with the blockchain. so it would improve search engine results.

Okay. I think most people still would like to get feature to delete and edit post/comments from the website. :)

Couldn't agree more and would like to know if that's the reason why they removed them.

Yeah definitely a good idea... The right to be forgotten should be compulsory 👍

True. I'd also like to see an editing button too. Sometimes commenting and clicking post after do I realize some spelling mistakes or awkward sentences.

Posts and comments are different from monetarily transactions. Posts and comments are the property of the writers and circumstances change over time and authors should be able to either delete their posts and comments or at least revise them while fading out the previous ones.
If a Blockchain doesn't facilitate deletion of posts and comments for a transparency matter then a combination of two platforms need to be worked out: one for writing posts and comments and the other for money transactions.

YES. at least an edit option. if youre promoting a blog site its ridiculous that they essentially steal and control your content once posted. I wont be steeming unless this is fixed