DAC: Who wants to create and join a DAC?

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Looking for people to start building, creating, joining, and forming a DAC!


We Want You!

Who are you that wants to join?

Couple of ideas with the DAC are investing and voting..

What kind of tasks do you want to participate in? Tokens may be rewarded for some of these (ideas).

Initial task will be to join and contribute. Other things may be contributed such as name and logo ideas.

What (common) goals or objectives do we want to reach for together?

One goal may be value. What other ideas may we like to incorporate? Some ways of growing STEEM and voting in the DAC potentially...

How much to initially join is another question. All starting members will receive tokens in some manner as we decide and agree on more details.

This could be somewhere between ten and a thousand STEEM. Might be a set amount for everyone or some minimum maximum value for some diversity in size of membership.

Thank you for your interest and look forward to creating value together through a DAC of shared vision and participation.

Please feel free to share your vision / ideas in the comments below!

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Ok, at the risk of sounding stupid. i'll bite. What's a DAC please?


Thank you. Sounds like a really interesting project so I will follow with interest.
Best wishes and I hope you get some interest and it all goes well :-)

Witch will be the main functionality? What will be the options?