13500 the post! Over 4500 Followers! After Almost Three Years on STEEM(it)!

in #steem8 months ago

Thanks to everyone and everything on this Steemtastic journey!


Thinking towards some ideas to (re)incorporate STEEM into and with other blockchain stuff with events and interactions.

Thinking about listing Steem cards on an app called Receipt chain just for a little mention.

A project recently has mentioned giving away steem accounts so will explore that more and have Steem Monster / Splinterlands promo to give out some here in my travels too!

Thinking to start giving away tokens more with little market reports of some sort. Thinking towards blockchain items in direction of goods and/or service to continue (creating) more crypto.

Would like to get more involved like in ways in the past perhaps with games such as Steem Monsters and others. So shall keep an eye out!



congrats on the milestone!! lots of interesting thoughts, hope you get around to implementing them. good luck... :)

Well done. I’ve only just cracked 5000 posts.

You didn't grow your wallet much in three years, tho.

@virtualgrowth, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Red Fish!
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