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I like to compare it to YouTube. The top 1 percent make a ton of cash and most accounts get a handful of views. There are a few more options to get you video viral though. YouTube it's about clicks from anyone here you need whale votes.

I got people to join and they all quit. The whole blog for crypto slogan isn't exactly honest. Your blogs can be great, you could be a Pulitzer prize winning writer, you are still going to start out with 2 cent blogs. Everyone goes through that though so I don't have a ton of sympathy. People who complain never seem to have 2000 posts.

I got a few big votes from people who bought a ton of steem and never wrote a blog or comment, those people exist. Not sure if inactive status still applied to accounts cashing in big curation rewards


Agreed. Some are thinking steem will rain down on them for typing. Shrugs, it has even worked for some, but I think those days are ending.

Ya we know everyone is going to pass through the less than 2cent reward for their post when they first start. I have passed through that and am still passing through it.lolz
But I think what we are trying to address is how we can help by encouraging them(the good ones who loves to stay) and giving them tips from your experience for been here for a long time.

Personally I don't blame people who get discourage along the way.
For instance, am from a country where my economy is bad "I spend roughly $12-15 for data subscription in a month and ever since I have been on steemit for over 4 months I have never made half of that. So imagine how can I cope?
It's not as easy for everyone
. What we should be looking out are possible ways to keep people like us with quality contents and desire to promote steemit.

Thanks for understanding

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