I need some help with delegation (more right with delegation canceling )

in #steem3 years ago

Hello here.
Part of my STEEM POWER (-108.567 STEEM) is currently delegated.
I would like to cancel the delegation but can't find the regular way that I used to delegate one year ago.
Thank you very much.


Hi! You can delegate 0sp to the same account through the steampeak or through the Steemworld.org

thank you, my friend. I found someplace to do this ( not Steemworld.org) and even I got the "success" message, nothing returned back. will try this now and will let you know.

i tried with Steaemworld and got the error :
Assert Exception:op.vesting_shares >= min_delegation: Account must delegate a minimum of {"amount":"1890681094","precision":6,"nai":"@@000000037"}

will try the "steampeak" now

You need to wait 5 or 7 days before SP will return to you after undelegate.

i see thank you
i saw in someplace was written that the delegation will expire in two days. so I will wit :-)

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