$20m fund to invest in Steem SMTs

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Global Blockchain Technologies just announced the joint venture.


The blockchain investment company establishes major joint venture to bring funding to startups building on Steem.

Looks like Steem is showing more promise than ever. What better news than this?

The future is whatever we want it to be. You won't want to miss this article.



Let peace be the journey! Steem on.


Things are looking up for Steemit and we will all be the beneficiaries. Thanks for sharing the good news.

I would think that would be great news too and the price would jump, but maybe it will be a slow crawl up the ladder. Doesn't look like it gained much yesterday. All is so new too and the more we get the word out I guess that will help too. Thank you for your reply @positivesteem our best bet is to "think positive" ;)

This post has been flagged by Bernie Sanders and his gang for no apparent reason. Can you help me to neutralize the damage inflicted by up-voting and resteeming this post. Thanks a million.

These are very exciting times, indeed!

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Wow! Great news!

@snowflake what do you think about this, since you're always crying about Steemit and Steeminc

@codypanama thought you would like this!

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. CEO Rik Willard said: "We're proud to be the first publically traded company to make a significant investment in the Steem ecosystem. No current open source and public blockchain protocol is more mature, scalable, and as rapid as Steem.