WWIII has begun

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I know, that is a hell of a claim especially if you are one of my fellow Americans. So stick around a minute and I will explain!

By now 99% of the planet is aware that Russia has invaded the Sovereign Nation of Ukraine. But there is a lot more going on that just that. Here are just some of those things:

  • Belarus is fighting with Russia to take the country of Ukraine by force
  • China is supplying Russia and Belarus with weapons, supplies and resources to fight Ukraine
  • China is also preparing to invade Taiwan

Okay so that's bad right, well it gets worse:

  • The United States and most of Europe have weapons and troops on the ground in Poland (Russia's next target after Ukraine) and now in Ukraine as well
  • The United States and most of Europe have Aircraft (bombers/fighters) in Poland and some now in Ukraine
  • The United States has provided Poland and Ukraine with Surface to Air Missile Defense systems as well as Fighter Jets
  • The United States and several European Countries have Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers within striking range of Ukraine/Russia.
  • The United States also has a large Naval buildup right now in the South China Sea and Indian Ocean in case China invades Taiwan.

Now it's looking really bad, right.....not yet it ain't!

Most of the world has implemented massive sanctions against Russia. But it isn't hurting Russia in the least as they are being supported by China. Here is Proof:

  • In Russia the average price for 100 octane fuel (which is almost impossible to find in the USA) is $2.00 a gallon (after the sanctions) but in the United States the average price of 87 octane fuel is $4.50 a gallon. Similar thing with Diesel, Natural Gas and Propane.....Our fuel prices are skyrocketing because of the Sanctions but Russia's is not!
  • Products and Services in Russia have not seen a drastic increase in prices since the sanctions. Stuff like food, entertainment, etc. However, in the USA almost everything has increased in Price since the Sanctions were placed on Russia.

Okay so yes this is bad, but how bad is it really?

  • From an economic standpoint if you look at World War 1 the US economy sky rocketing during the war and was even better after the war. The same happened during World War 2.....but now our economy is tanking, inflation is rampant and prices are getting out of hand....but the average income hasn't gone up.
  • From a societal standpoint if you look at World War 1 the US united behind the war effort and as a country, the same happened with World War 2......but now our society is absolutely farking clueless to what is going on and more divided than it has been since 1950.
  • From a manufacturing standpoint if you look at World War 1 or World War 2 the US manufacturing skyrocketed and as a result unemployment dropped to almost 0%. However, now our manufacturing has actually dropped and unemployment has gone up.

To add insult to injury Russia keeps bombing Nuclear Power Plants and trying to hack into the US Nuclear Arsenal. It is almost like they want to kill everything and everyone on this planet.

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