Steemit's little brother is just around the corner. Don't miss out on Appics!

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Wish you joined steemit in the beginning? Way back when steem was trending at no more than several cents. Well, no need to fear, Appics is here!

Brought to you buy the same guys behind steemit, Appics is the Instagram version of the steem blockchain. Hosted right on our very own Blockchain. Meaning that whenever XAP [The Appics Coin] rises in value, steem does too.


Appics works on the same principle as steemit, with the only difference that it's not about blogging, rather an instagram/facebook sibling. It is a platform orientated towards sharing photos and videos. Same as steemit, likes/upvotes give content creators XAP.

It also incorporates the same curation benefits.

"With APPICS you can not only earn income through creating your own posts, but also through “liking” and commenting on the content of other users. When using the “like” function, you don’t give away coins, but instead earn a monetary reward as well."

Currently Appics just got registered as a Corporation in Switzerland and launched its second wave of ICO. One token costs around 15c right now.


Also, did I mention you can buy XAP with steem or SBD?

I'm hoping to see a great steemit/appics side to side integration. XAP is actually a smart media token, probably the first propper one to launch off the bat.


There is one month left untill the app launches. Just after the ICO. Also there is a bounty program that I'm actually participating in, this article is related to that bounty program.

The appics team is giving away free XAP for anyone interested in participating in activities that can help the app grow.

I think there is a refferral system too but I hatereferrall stuff so I haven't looked into that.


Overall, I think that Appics will be a better version of steemit. Mainly because it is more simplified and orientated towards short content and personal stores. This takes off the demand for extended creativity and allows all sorts of people to benefit the reward system without fear of flags.

APPICS has a shop feature that enables business owners and verified users to integrate their business directly into their social media profile.

Also, one good thing is that the APPICS space will probably be more regulated, so I expect that there won't be any bot services and vote selling stuff that might destroy the creative and social flow.


Basically, The way I see it, Appics is taking the flaws of steemit and making the same thing but with the flaws in mind. Not to say that our favorite NED is on the team aswell.

Hope to see you guys on Appics once it launches !

Thanks for reading!

I try to keep my content as Original as possible, also I never use up voting automation. If you get an up vote from me, then I love what you do !


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It sounds like a good concept but I'm worried about the amount of currencies being created. I remember reading about how there were somewhere around 2000 cryptos a few months back, I wonder how many there are now. They can't all make it.


Hopefully this one does.

i'm really looking forward to appics. i like instagram myself and while i love posting long form and photos with text and stuff, i also love just sharing photos... i think this platform will excel!!


Yeah, from all the articles I've written, something for short content would be a blessing <3

Great article. I'll definitely be looking out for this. I think platforms like steemit and appics are gateways for people who don't know how cryptos work. With sns and blogging creating new jobs, this can definitely make waves across the market.

thank you friends for sharing the story about steemit that I can learn from you I like with your post

Helpful post. Thank you.

This is really cool! You said this runs on the Steemit blockchain, does that mean that the photos you take will show up in the same column as our Steemit blogs? I recently tried out Zappl, which is like Steemits twitter, but I felt strange about it showing up right there the same as a blog post. Do you think that Steemit will somehow rearrange how these apps show up eventually? Im new here so im still trying to learn how this all works. Sorry for the ignorance!


No worries! And, no. This is a separate platform that uses its own token. It only uses the STEEM blockchain itself. So everything will be seperated, meaning you can earn seperate rewards on both platforms.


oh wow, that is excellent. Thanks so much!

This has enormous potential. I do not know why someone would refuse to use this type of application instead of Instagram. Something similar is already there, the Steepshot application.

Can't wait to secure my spot there