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RE: Who likes hard forking?

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While it may not be a logical proof, most folks understand when the mobster comes into the store and remarks what a shame it would be if it burned down, but that he'd be happy to ensure it doesn't for a modest fee, that he's making a threat.

@ned states he perceives this as a threat. If my wife told me that if I stayed home tonite she wouldn't sleep with the neighbor, I'd take that as a threat.

I appreciate your forthright and informative elucidation on the matter.


Edit: just for giggles I considered the post regarding the fallacy mentioned. In fact, it does not accurately reflect the matter under discussion. The statements in question take the format 'if X then not Z', and this is different than denying the antecedent. Not gonna nitpick, because what either of us think isn't really relevant, since you're committed to your statement, and @ned is to his course of powering down. Nothing I say will change either of those matters. The implied threat isn't a promise to undertake Z if not X, but leaving on the table a threat Z might happen if not X.


what a shame it would be if it burned down

Sure. "What a shame it would be if we had to fork" is not a statement that has been made.

You're continuing to misquote and project.

Furthermore "forking" is not a criminal or violent act, as is arson. People are free to run whichever software they would like, creating a fork. Others are free to run the original (or some other different) software. If there are two significant groups who want to use different software, then you end up with two chains, like ETH/ETC, BTC/BCH, and countless others. That is not equivalent to arson (nor theft, piracy, hacking, nor any such other inflammatory and/or defamatory terms which have been used in an attempt to manipulate and exploit the less technically informed among us).

I am confident the idea of metaphor and analogy does not fly over your head. I didn't ever conflate arson with forking. Since you erect and knock down strawmen instead of engaging substantively on the matter at hand, I'm out.

Thank you for the chat. I do understand metaphor but I also recognize that metaphor can both illustrate and confuse. I believe we simply disagree, which I shall do respectfully. Regards.