I started on Steem(it) Five years ago, really?

in #steemlast year

5 Jahre auf der Blockchain

Bevor ich sentimental werde einfach ein Mega Danke an alle, die meinen Weg hier bislang gekreuzt haben, auch an all jene mit denen ich gestritten habe, alles hat mich bereichert - mal schauen wie lange es die Chain noch gibt, hoffe wir haben noch etwas Spass und Diskussionen miteinander.

I became 5 this month

Such a birthday notification is agood reason for a shit post - thanks to everyone that supported me from scratch on Steemit. I do appreciate many great folks I had the honor of meeting from the German community, from all the music lovers, the photography folks that support my #BeachWednesday and #SunThursday contests in the past, the patient guys that taught me how blockchain and crypto works, the ones that invest their time to teach me about playing games. I still enjoy the small discussions and sometimes arguments with so many great guys from around the world on-chain and even more on Discord or other channels.

Here is to many more years I hope on this adventure

And with purpose I do not mention and tag any particular person to avoid spam and as I appreciate simply anyone here, even the ones that drive me nuts sometimes.



Huii, da ging noch was los was, damals ???


Du hast ein Upvote von mir bekommen, diese soll die Deutsche Community unterstützen. Wenn du mich unterstützten möchtest, dann sende mir eine Delegation. Egal wie klein die Unterstützung ist, Du hilfst damit der Community. DANKE!

It has been half a decade.
Happy Anniversary.

Thanks amigo, and the two of us met in early stages already :-)

You're welcome and we are still working hard here. 😎

haha, yes indeed :-)

haha, yes indeed :-)

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