A Video Message From The Founder Of Utopian.io | Kickstarter Video | Do You Want To Be In The Video?

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In Utopian.io we are working on the promo video that we will use in the Kickstarter campaign.

The video will be composed by the following:

  • Promo video being created by the amazing @dougkarr
  • The message from the Utopian.io founder. Video attached below.
  • A carousel of short videos from the community, saying I AM UTOPIAN.


Watch The Message From The Founder And Be Part of The Video

You can record a short video of you saying I AM UTOPIAN. All the short videos of the community members will be attached at the end of the Kickstarter promo video.

Be Part Of The Video

Record a video of you saying I AM UTOPIAN and share in the dedicated Discord Channel. Use this chance to be reminded for something big!

Utopian Community-Driven Witness

We are made of developers, system administrators, entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, thinkers. We embrace every nationality, mindset and belief.

Utopian.io is the first Community-Driven Witness. Every decision will be taken as per the consensus of the entire community using our public Discord server and soon via a public voting system.


A Special Thanks to The Sponsors

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awesome speech. Thank you for your contribution! Since I knew about it I decided to help with 10,000 SP.


@javybar I definitely agree with you. As I wrote below, what amazed me more was his concluding "Steve Jobs" phrase, if you are crazy enought to think you can change the world, you will actually do it. upvoted your comment! @gold84


Thanks so much @javybar!

woow !!!! impressiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee meraviglioso @elear

All hail to diego! after you come closer to the camera, i wanted to wield my sword and cut my tomatoes... Couldnt resist sorry. I am utopian too!


Ehehe thanks a lot! :D @omeratagun

@utopian-io and @elear I did not know it was Diego the founder of @utopian-io , were you @elear together with Diego the creators? This message from Diego is perfect, and what amazed me is his last phrase, "people who are crazy enough to think we can change the world, we can actually do that". That is a phrase from Steve Jobs, and Diego was in touch with him according to what he mentions. I would have liked to have the possibility to speak a few words with Steve Jobs. Unfortunately I did not have that chance. @utopian-io , @steemit and SMTs and the steem blockchain is here and will change the world!



Hey @elear and Diego we are the same person :D. Thanks for your nice message! @gold84


Thanks to you @elear for creating this amazing platform that will change the way open source projects are funded, and the way people are contributing to them! @gold84




What are you asking Kickstarter to fund? Read this post, watched video, re-read post, and nothing indicates what you are using Kickstarter to accomplish.

A Kickstarter campaign generally asks for funding as seed money for a specific purpose or project. Highly recommend including the intent of the campaign, what will be accomplished with the funding, how much wanting to raise, and types of rewards planning to offer Kickstarter backers.

Also, for us using Steem, how the Steem community would participate in the campaign. In other words, contrast what looking for from Kickstarter versus the Steem community and how you see these cooperating in the future.

Please take this as feedback to make a better Kickstarter campaign, and to gather the support of Steem community.

Good luck. Being a developer irl, I have been very interested in utopia.io and really want it to succeed.


Hey you are totally right but all of this will be part of the contents of the campaign. We are still working on them. If you have any suggestion join us on discord (link above). We really appreciate any help on this


Thank you for the response , and information on where to learn more. Will take a look over next couple days.
Very new to the Steem and Utopia.io, so still evaluating what is available, and what I want to take on.

I am seriously thinking in going outside my cave and make a video.


Please do it @nehomar! Make the video and put it in Discord https://discord.gg/j8DpGsm

Great work @elear, I am happy to be working with Utopian and believe it is the best method for accomplishing goals for projects and generating income for the people doing the work. This is revolutionary in terms of open collaboration.

If it's open-source, it belongs on Utopian.

This is the best crowdsourcing and crowdfunding joint idea for any Kickstarter project. I am eager to start something on it or if not yet (due lack of time) channel others to it.


EDIT: Well... trying to help change world too @elear... A small amount, but almost all I can do (I have only 500 SP now). But it's best supporting others, that keeping it for myself. I believe in the @utopian-io project, and all I hope is for one day, to hear from any Open Source developers, I have helped change the world to a better place!

forykw delegate 2,000 SP to utopian-io


Thanks a lot!!


I once knew (still know) a friend that was trying to mass produce an accessory for the GoPro products. That person tried something that was not fast enough to market.. and quickly made other kickstart projects get the idea.

The point is... if I had this kind of platform by then... my friend would have possibly released this product in less than 6 months, paid everyone in crypto, and still make a world change!

I mean... HOW many of you greatly use GOPRO and do not have a DECENT microphone, a good power source (to record for 3 or 4 hours), have a gymbal to stabilize it and still be water/mud proof!?

EDIT: And believe me... 6 months... is already WAY too late... when doing kickstarts!

Okay that sounds great.
But one more thing you should add.
Like e.g I am doing a promo video for utopian.io I will say.
"@aftabkhan10 from Pakistan and I am Utopian."


U can do that of course. Make the video and put it in Discord https://discord.gg/j8DpGsm @aftabkhan10

utopian Is amazing, great words from a great person, great speech, amazing work

ok i just made mine, i'll put it in discord

Helpful tips by Utopian.io

I'm the man who will change the world!

I Am Utopian

I AM UTOPIAN. Mine is coming later in the day. Nice one @elear, what an handsome man. 😀

Good luck and success with the campaign.

Thanks @utopian-io for the beautiful message

This is very inspiring @elear thanks for inspiring more people. yes were crazy enough to help you changing the world. <3 <3

Indeed utopian is not only changing how building open source solution functions, and not only providing funds available for all as a reward for their work, above all, it is practically changing the world !

I love to be a part of the video. When the submission process will end, @elear?


Oh u have a lot of time. Don t worry


Thanks brother....😉


Make the video and put it in Discord https://discord.gg/j8DpGsm when u r done


Love the accent! ;)

Uploaded my video for extra pinkness even though I've only made one contribution. Link is in the channel. <3

I wonder if when we die and are in Heaven we will look at all of our memories with God while this soundtrack is playing. Thats what I think when listening to this. nad i more am the only that used to listen to this 2 years ago then i could find it afterwards untill the next did they remove the other one cause i remember they used to have this one but this picture didnt have the utopian sounds thing on the pic i loved that one better tbh

The future is here. Out with the bad in with the good.

I am Utopian! so brilliant thank you @elear this is so exciting to see how fast it is all coming together.


Thanks a lot!

I want to be in the video!

What a great speech @elear. And let you tell you that I am also the believer in "if you can dream it, you can do it". We can truly change the world just like you proved yourself as an example. I am sure that the future of utopian is bright and I wish you all the best with this amazing project.

Also, I've been using your platform to serve my Steem whitepaper Urdu translation to Steem community, and since I started to contribute through utopian, I feel like it's awesome.


Thank u thank u thank u!

'utopian-io' is a great project. I am always cheering.... 응원합니다!

I'm Neegan !


I was going to say the same.

i thinks it's a good ideas to take a part in the video but i have no ideas about recording a video with my face as the object XD
but, i'll try it maybe ;)


haha try it ;)


its like putting butter in bread


Would be amazing @aranda. Make the video and put it in Discord https://discord.gg/j8DpGsm

I am thrilled how you delivered the speech. This makes me know more about utopioan-io.

Congratulations @utopian-io!
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