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RE: Can a non-technical, non commercial project be supported on Steem? The Steem ecoVillage Community

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This kind of project is exactly what the world needs. The maths behind it need serious consideration though. Steem itself cannot sustain continual funding of such projects without an equivalent amount of money coming in to the eco-system. Clearly, most investors aren't looking to fund such projects or they would be already funding them via crowdfunding and elsewhere and we wouldn't even be having this conversation because Steem would be somewhat superfluous. I'm not saying I'm against funding such important transformative projects via Steem - but there has to be some kind of exchange taking place for this to work via Steem reward payouts. This is a similar challenge to the one I face at, which is the online equivalent of your eco village idea (ureka runs steem too now, but also includes private messaging, groups and privacy in general). I need to find a way to generate 'profit' in order to justify good delegations - so if you want to discuss the possibilities for that and even to team up, then let me know. <3


Amazing timing! And great comment.. Ive literally just finished a two hour chat with yabbmatt about this and weve hatched an incredible plan to make this viable! Watch this space!’ Xx

Oh great, ok - I look forward to hearing about it. :)

Once i post you will understand.. then ill be happy to chat with u for any potential collaboration! This is a big project with huge potential...and you are someone i wouldnbe very happy to collab with!

Excellent ok - I have a variety of resources to tap into in the right circumstances, I'm excited to maybe be able to help out.

All of this delgation and steem based postinf is really just an awareness drive,
Its not how i intend to get real funding!

OK, that's good to know. I've worked in a variety of environments over the years and it's quite a challenge to create a truly ethical profit model in a world that doesn't really pay much attention to ethics! I'm always open to new ideas.

I dont think it gets much more ethicalrhan this .. for all involved.. it looks like a win win win to me.. i think the synchronicity of your comment is no accident! More soon brother!

I can say though that the vegan food market is going to continue to grow exponentially.. Having that expand into ethical housing too is definitely a possibility.. An Earthship fast food chain. :)

It would be combination of both, and many more things... ethical housing, living, and sustainable commerce all combined...

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