Justin Sun was Only Warned About Token Freeze After Buying Steemit inc Afterall?

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Here's an update that was just forwarded to me by someone on Twitter, following a thread by @jesta there. This was in response to my previous post that included audio from Eli the Steemit MD in which she said that she warned TRON in advance that the Steemit tokens might be frozen by the STEEM witnesses. The claim here is that this warning took place after TRON had bought the tokens, but before Justin had informed the exchanges that the tokens were frozen by 'hackers'.

Honestly, this is getting tiring and it would be very helpful if the full truth of all of this would just be made public so that we can truly move forward in peace.

evolveordie tweet
source: https://twitter.com/You_Dnt_Own_Me/status/1236642084444090370

I have always said that the situation Eli described was not 100% clear and I have no desire to mislead anyone here. I am just doing the best I can to share information based on what is available, given the limited communication on offer from those involved.

If this version of events is accurate then it means that Justin may genuinely not have known in advance that the tokens had been publicly stated previously to be intended for community use and that the responsibility for deception falls more on @ned and perhaps others at Steemit inc. than it does on Justin. However, Justin still bares responsibility for ignoring the voice of the community and misleading the exchanges involved. All that said, if he had really done due diligence into the topic he would have known the situation with the tokens - the information was not hard to find prior to him purchasing Steemit inc.

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My INITAL understanding of what Eli said in the clip you posted was that this was all after the purchase because nobody but Ned knew anything until the tweets and Medium post on Feb 14. You have to remember that weekend was also the Presidents' Day holiday weekend (Trump at Daytona etc) so it was a long weekend before anybody was truly back at work.

I understood that the first time the main Steemit staff had any chance to communicate with the new boss was then and they would have already seen what was going on in the decentralised community owing to the absolutely piss poor (at best) and down right wrong communications and mixed messages coming out of Justin Sun's twitter account.

To this day I don't think Justin understands power up (staking), the reward system or any of the other aspects of Steem that a diligent purchaser would have taken half a day to learn about.

He said himself that TRON was based on STEEM in some ways, so he really should understand these basics.

OK, that makes sense, so Eli's quote - in context - seems to only show that Justin most likely knew the real motive of the witnesses prior to contacting the exchanges and calling the witnesses 'hackers'. He most likely knew that the tokens had been previously promised to the community but trusted Ned's spin on things and hoped for the best. That's what the current evidence paints to me at this moment anyway - it is subject to change!

There has been a shocking failure to communicate clearly all the way through with Steemit and it hasn't finished yet!

Justin Sun is still in denial about the liabilities that came along with what he assumed was just a big pile of cheap tokens he bought. Just look at the bullshit he keeps pushing about daily active users on Tron whereby he counts every Samsung cell phone and ever open Opera Browser (who the heck uses Opera???).

He had no idea what Steem was or what a crypto community really is.

I think there will need to be non-technology solutions to this before it all gets settled.

I use Opera, damn you! lol

So you're one of those Daily Active Tron users! Damn YOU!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

I'm proud to say that I have never activated a Tron wallet and I have 0 TRX. :)

Unfortunately, this entire planet has been struggling with an epidemic of denial since it's inception - it's part of why I have learned not to judge anyone.. Even the best intentions get warped unintentionally! That said, there is a lot of hype and misdirection that can be felt here too!

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