I have Changed My Witness Votes to Reinstate Community Top 20 Witnesses

in #steem4 years ago

Following the recent events on the STEEM blockchain I have now updated most of my witness votes to support the previous Top 20 witnesses who were in place prior to the TRON takeover. I have done this to try to help the community to regain control of the STEEM blockchain. Recent tweets by Huobi and Binance confirm that they have removed their dodgy votes for the TRON witnesses and so there is a decent chance of the community succeeding in removing the TRON witnesses (with the stake level that is currently voting for them). Should we succeed and should things return to some sense of balance in the near future, I will reset my witness votes to point to the Witnesses outside of the (old) top 20 who I choose to support.

There has been quite a bit of press coverage of this issue and I haven't yet seen any press that backed Justin Sun's false claims that 'hackers' had 'stolen' his tokens and 'threatened' the blockchain. He really is looking extremely foolish at this point and I really have to wonder at the origin of the money he has been entrusted with.

May the sourcecode be with you!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Without witnesses there is no Steem blockchain or DApps such as Steemit, Steempeak and 3Speak... You can really help Steem by making your witness votes count!

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I just voted for you as I know you have been a good witness and you are beneficial to the platform and the Steemit community. You are one of the good ones.

I was hesitant to power up my Steem but I did all 200 recently, to help with my meager voting power so that the Steem witnesses get support from the community. Quite an eventful time recently here!

❤ to our Steem Fam ❤

I've done the same, Even powering up every drop of steem I have.

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It would be nice to know what we are voting for release-wise? Will the old top 20 witnesses be running a version that targets STINC's accounts still or will they be going for 22.1 again?

My understanding is that they will possibly be rolling back to before the TRON takeover and then also freezing the accounts of the rogue exchanges. That may change though and I have not heard that officially agreed by top 20 witnesses in a public way.

Targeting specific accounts is a bad idea.

Making a rule that only accounts older than 2 years can be witnesses (or something) would be more fair (and effective). Some of these witnesses are brand new (active 3 days).

I was hoping The Sun would have to bribe existing witnesses to make them compliant, instead he just created new accounts.

It looks like the top 2 are refusing to run 0.22.5

Don't we just need 2 more to break a 17 witness "consensus"?

Should I vote for good-karma and themarkymark?

22.5 is the TRON version, it's the one that the community witnesses are seeking to dislodge. The current top 2 who are not TRON witnesses are running 0.22.4444 and 0.22.0., which are pre-TRON versions. The aim is to get as many running these earlier versions into the top 20 as possible, so voting for the top witnesses who are not running 0.22.5 is the general aim here. good-karma and markymark are currently the next ones beneath the TRON witnesses, so vote for them, yes. All of the witnesses down to Steempeak will make up the top 20 I think.

afaik, 17 of the witnesses are needed to switch to a new fork version, so 17 need to displace the TRON servers in order to have a majority and for the switch to take place.

Ok, but we can stalemate them with 4 (it's a start).

a supermajority of 17 is required to switch from the current version to a new version - that's the main rule as far as i am aware.

Right, so with 4 we can at least stop them from making any further changes.

@good-karma just shot up to #3!!


@anyx is on the rise!

If you've never voted, now's your chance!

Click this link to vote now! - https://steemitwallet.com/~witnesses

View rankings - https://steemdb.com/witnesses

Is there an easy way to check to see who @steemyoda is voting for?

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