How About An App For Steem That Rewards Users For Taking Surveys, Plus Makes Survey Results Public and Transparent?

in steem •  3 months ago

There are already numerous survey apps online, such as Google Surveys and SurveyMonkey, to name but two.. Would a Steem based survey app work well?

The basic idea with these apps is that users can pay to set up surveys which will then be displayed to users of a network or app that has been installed on numerous sites (use is voluntary). Those who complete the survey might be rewarded with credits of some kind and so everyone wins. The purpose is generally to acquire market research data or other types of research data - so, for example, if you want to launch a product or even a crowdfunding project via Steem's crowdfunding app Fundition you can pre-empt that process by checking the world's opinions to find out if your plan is a good one.

Careful tweaking of project/product designs is key and can make the difference between success and failure - so can we create an app to support this on the Steem blockchain?

System Structure

I can envision a custom UI that tracks surveys that are designed in the app and then posted onto the blockchain. Users who want to get paid for completing surveys can then check the blockchain for the relevant tag or check the main Steem Survey website for surveys to complete. Those who want to run the surveys can pay the service operators for access to the site and then the payments can be held as Steem Power, allowing the service operators to upvote the comments that contain survey results that are submitted by each person who completes the survey. At the end of the 7 day payout period, the system can analyse the results and produce a report of automatic analysis showing the outcomes.

The beauty of this is that:

a) The more the system is used, the greater the Steem Power will become of the app and the more that survey respondents will potentially be paid out.
b) The data/results will be fully public and so will form a growing repository of knowledge about many topics - bringing more eyes to Steem.
c) The cost of running surveys can drop.
d) By providing widgets to embed in websites, more people will become familiar with Steem in order to receive their survey rewards.


Are you willing to provide me market research about this market research idea? :)
Let us know in the comments below.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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I would not want public what a lot of surveys ask.

  • However if it were possible to have my results encrypted, I would.

One problem with the survey stuff out there now is a lot of the same questions get asked, but you have to re-enter the info over and over and over.

  • Another problem is you can spend 15 or 20 minutes doing a survey to only be told, sorry you don't qualify, so you make nothing.
    • You should make something for answering all those questions. Or, if you have given enough info, the survey makers could data mine and eliminate people they don't want, but at the very least should offer a reward for seeing if you even qualify for their survey.
    • If the app were able to pre-qualify people because they were keeping encrypted data, then that is a service which should be paid for by the survey makers. (An income stream for the app...)

Another thing it should do is make public exactly what the reward(s) will be. Ex. If you would like to see if you qualify, here's 0.1 Steem. If you qualify, here's 0.5 Steem, If you take the complete survey, here's 10 Steem.

This is a good idea.
Before I started Steemit, I wasted my time taking surveys for Goldcoin.
Hmm I should check to see if I could convert that to Steem. haha


hehe - thanks for the insights and feedback. I agree that an encrypted process would dramatically enhance the outcome and usefulness. it's all on the 'todo' pile!

Hey @ura-soul, This is a very interesting idea! Probably could be easily set up using oracle-D IP.


Yes, ok - I figured it would suit your purposes well :)


Want to work together to put this together?


Yes, ok - that could definitely work - I'll send you a PM.

On a survey they make you answer questions to test that you are consistent so if you answer wrong the second time you get disqualified plus survey sites just asks a lot of information that may also invade your privacy and if used in a blockchain the public can see it and you will get a problem on that issue @ura-soul


It is true that surveys that include privacy would not be suitable for this purpose, but there will be some scenarios where privacy might not be such a problem.

I think is the closest thing we have to it now, but i do think there is room for an improved version especially one built on the steem platform since we have a growing community of people with different interests who love to share their opinions, seems like a good match!

well thought out, this is actually a doh moment, when you mentioned it I was like...of course why isn't this done.

It will be now of course.


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@ura-soul can't you and your team begin the groundwork, it is a great idea


Well, my team is 'everyone on planet earth' - since I don't actually have a personal team. ;)
I think the promo-steem and oracle-D team will use the idea at some point.

I think this shoulds great


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