Learn how to use a voting bot

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Hi, this is a simple tutorial how to transfer STEEM or SBD to voting bot from your wallet and get un upvote from a bot.

1 . step:

go to your wallet and click on the arrow pointing down next to STEEM or SBD. It depends what do you want to transfer.


2 . step:

click on Transfer and fill in the fields in the pop up window:
-name of the bot you want to transfer to (my bot is @upvotefromme)
-amount you want to transfer.(Each bot has different minimum and maximum amount which you can transfer, you have to check that on the bots site. It is better if you start with minimum. If you will use @upvotefromme the minimum amount is 0.01 STEEM or SBD)
-and under Memo you write in url of the post you want the bot to upvote. For example https://steemit.com/steem/@upvotefromme/voting-and-resteem-bot-upvotefromme
and click Next


3 . step:

If everything is ok click ok to go to the next step


4 . step:

Write your active key to complete transfer and click sign in.


That is it. If you don't get an upvote you can check what happened on https://steemd.com/@upvotefromme just put your name after @ in the link.


Thanks for this tutorial.

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