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RE: How Many Active Users Are Really On Steemit?

in #steem7 years ago

Woah for the june 2017 sign up (active and inactive). It's interesting to see that last year, the booming months July, August, and September and then the dip. And it's looking promising for those months again this year. I wonder if there's a relationship between the months and the likelihood of more users flocking in to sign up at that time.


yeah, wonder why that is. Maybe people have more time in the summer? Maybe the average age is younger than I thought?

I'll keep my eyes peeled for in case you do a follow up for that. If they want to promote Steemit, those months could potentially hold even bigger schools of fish to pull into the community. Or it could be a coincidence but it's not looking likely as just that. Can't wait to see more of your take on this.

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