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in steem •  2 years ago

Steem was something I got really excited about when it was first announced. I love the idea of combining a platform that has a blockchain behind it and a social media platform. It created something that I like to see which is uncensored social media. I invested some of a bitcoin into this and started posting and reviewing content other's posted. I was surprised with what got up voted such as makeup tutorials, travel journals, and steemer's spreading the word. I felt like I couldn't do anything to make noticeable content since I am a introverted man. I then started to write on a regular occasion, and comment on everyone's posts, so get people to notice me. I then found out about whales through an exciting evening where I gained $400 from one comment. This got me really interested in this platform. A comment that could make me hundreds of dollars? A platform that pays the content creators? A place where I could dwell, gain information, share information, and gain money? I believed it to be too true, but like with bitcoin, I don't see how something like this would fail in all cases.

It is possible that steem will fail, but I refuse to believe that it will. We need people to be on this platform and believe in the currency. We need people to see value in holding steem. I think one of the issues is telling people what a post is worth. Seeing $25 just tells people that they could make $25. They do not see that they are investing in a crypto and in the platform. And if all the posters see only $$$ they will not be holding onto any steem. Using Steem as a currency is lost on me, why would I use this currency where there are cryptos mastering transactions and ledgers. Steem is not the best crypto, but the platform behind it is really what gets me excited. But if people only believe in the platform, why would they transact in steem? I believe in investing in steem if you think the crypto can take off, but why would you put money into steem, then try to use it with your friends or vendors? The obvious crypto to use would be dash, lite coin, bitcoin, etherium. Literally all the top dogs have a lot more advantages than steem. I do admire what steem has done with keeping people locked in with steem power while rewarding them with additional steem power for holding onto the currency. But this is for negating inflation of the currency and making people believe that they are making money. I can understand why steem is so cheap, why would people buy it in the first place? Who is buying into this currency with real dollars.

Steem is young, and I would love to see it do amazing things. I would love to have a new social media platform I believe in. I would love to get rewarded for creating content people want to see. But I fear that building this blockchain on top of a social media platform takes views away from a decent crypto and instead put it on how many dollars people are making for posts about crypto. Here is my question to the steem community: Why would people choose this crypto over bitcoin, dash or etherium? Aside from investing in a possible social media platform, is there a reason to hold steem instead of dash?

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