Steem: Uptrend kept intact, Steem back on the way up!

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This is my first post about Steem chart in english language - before I post only in german language. I hope that also english spoken people are interested in this topic and so if I see that the interest is available I will proceed this.
The following link goes now to my last post in german language, but in future, if it's interesting and I proceed with english version, their will be sure the post in english language.

First of all my last post:

My last post

and then we take a look at the current chart, like last time in the year:

[Steem030219.JPG] ()!

I had titled there:

"Steem: uptrend intact but in danger"

As you can see from the chart, the Steem has turned upwards on the uptrend line.

There were also some comments here that doubt the charting technique. I would like to ask them: How do you explain that the Steem has swiftly risen to the trend line of the May 2018 downtrend, reversed there, just as quickly falling to the trend line of the uptrend and now reversing again. Today the Steem rate is raising more than 6%, which is very remarkable for one day.
How big is the probability that this happened absolutely random and has absolutely nothing to do with the charting technique?
I also have When the Steem fell below $ 0.30 last year, it is immediately predicted that the Steem will now fall quickly and I see a resistance range at $ 0.26 and even then it came exactly as I had predicted.
What's clear now is that the triangle of downtrend and uptrend continues to widen, the Steem is still in jail at the moment, but it will break either up or down, in the next future. It is quite possible that the Steem now gets smaller and smaller in the rashes and moves (at first) further inside the triangle. But I have to keep in mind that this (as you can see) runs very fast and by the end the Steem will have to decide at the end, whereby it would of course also be possible that he breaks both trends and goes into a sideways movement, but at least one The two trends will be broken - that much is already certain today.

Note: I do not recommend anyone to make investments on the basis of my post or to refrain from doing so. I have created this post for entertainment and pleasure only.

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dear @udow

Thx for sharing link to your publication with me. I decided to check your post right away.

Im not really sure if TA make much sense with such a low volumes, where one bigger player can move price up or down without much efforts.

ps. would you consider using enter sometimes to separate blocks of text? it would make reading much easier :)



Just the first question: What means "TA" ?

You're suggestion with blocks is very good, I tried to do so, but if I look back to my text I have really one big block their who I could separate. So your advice is highly appreciated and I will see to change this next post for better reading.

Thanks a lot for your opinion !