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RE: Gods Unchained // The "right" game built on the wrong blockchain

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This. THIS!
I'm still completely baffled with the wasted potential of GU. Like, when building and testing the market they gotta have tested the experience of using it, right? How does waiting up to more than half an hour feels good or makes sense at all? And that's combined with tx fees.
I recently need to use bitcoin for some reason. Waiting more than 40 minutes for transaction confirmation feels like hell. It reminds me how much i take for granted the speed of this chain.



I mean after you used STEEM, how in the hell can you go back to Ethereum or Bitcoin. Its just too big of a pain.
I have one $30 dollar card on GU im trying to sell for 15 days now.
I place it to be the cheapest constantly by at least 20% and it just wont sell. I have never once waited for any card at the lowest price on SM more then 2 days to sell and i sold hundreds of them. The only ones that take time to sell are where you combined dozens of cards.

You cant really make a booming market when youre stuck at 30 minute cancellations. That slows the market tremendously and price discovery instead of taking 1 day will take probably up to a year.
Then ofc you just need the one card and the card being gold or diamond does nothing in GU. Its just a skin when golds offer tangible benefits in Steem Monsters, for one having a higher base BCX, then DEC gain is increased for golds.
All brilliant ideas.
Ive been looking at the GU player numbers and they are constantly falling every day. Each week they lose about 10 players on the same days while SM is growing consistently.

Ethereum sucks to use and it will hurt the game a lot.

But ok, ETH has NFTs and hard consensus, steem only has soft consensus. But do you really need that level of ownership? If GU shuts down your cards are instantly worthless regardless of your ownership. The game isnt really on the blockchain.

SM provides a "high enough" level of ownership while having STEEM as its base chain with all its benefits.
At the end of the day crypto users wont care about how much your game looks like Hearthstone or a AAA title, but they will care about ease of use and their consumer experience.

Well, the idea is maybe even when the game goes under someone else can build a new client for the cards because they are stored on chain. Idk.

The truth is that regular gamers don't care about blockchain and only cares about UX while crypto users don't care about how good the game looks and plays. GU managed to screw up both by building a a game that looks and plays good (expensive) on a shitty blockchain (horrible UX).
Many steemians complain that Steem has horrible UX and I agree with them when comparing to the centralized web but I have yet found a blockchain as convenient to use as Steem and I have tested quite a bit of them.

Steem is even better than the supposedly superior younger brother EOS because of the RAM, CPU, and NET headache. EOS is a joke right now. Hell, the Voice social media won't be launching on EOS mainnet because it's a complete circus. How much of a joke is the Steem blockchain if Steemit data isn't stored on mainnet because of resource problems?

Do you know any other blockchains with use case for everyday users that are at least around as convenient as Steem to use? I desperately want to diversify my holdings.


Well, the idea is maybe even when the game goes under someone else can build a new client for the cards because they are stored on chain.

Would that really happen though...Them letting someone take their intellectual property. Maybe it could but the game would basically run on life support then and not last too long. No new releases could be made etc.

Many steemians complain that Steem has horrible UX and I agree with them when comparing to the centralized web.

Well sure, although people are working on things like the guest accounts.
Every single time i ventured outside STEEM and downloaded a wallet or started using other blockchain dapps ive had a miserable experience.
During the big airdrop for Obyte on Steem i downloaded their wallet and i literally wanted to punch the screen. I still have around 20 USD in that wallet set to sell but its just so idiotically convoluted i just cant take the time to cancel the trade and move the funds to an exchange. Ill probably leave the Obyte to rot there.

Ethereum i told you about. I used Bitcoin 1 time to send some fiat from coinbase through @blocktrades. Never again have i used Bitcoin.
I used TRX once to buy the SM cards on sesameseed. Worked fairly well, still slower then steem but theres literally nothing of any value built on TRON. I bought maybe 100 USD of EOS a few months ago but sold it right away because theres really nothing there as well and as you said their RAM, CPU thing is just too annoying.
Cardano has nothing on it, ETC has 200 users total by their own metrics... I really dont know.
All these top blockchains are just "paper tigers" that offer almost nothing of value outside the base "its a blockchain".

I too am looking for things to invest in but looking at the market, what do you go with? Seriously. I could gamble on something like most do and hope it goes up but thats just a gamble and would have nothing to do with the blockchain being any good.
So i just dont know. Id like to diversify as well. All i have now is a couple thousand dollars in Steem, SM and a few hundred in GU cards and ETH because i play the game from time to time.

Let me know if you find anything good. lol