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RE: Hi friends long time no see I am sure that you are all experiencing tough times exacerbated by this coronavirus I know I am

in #steem3 years ago

Heyyyy boss I'm so glad you're back!! It's been so long. Been on 7255 posts for over a year now that 7256 seems so unreal!

Glad to have you back boss. I'm glad that the contracts have been extended. Hopefully we all get a chance again to party. And I hope you're in good health and keeping yourself safe. We do not want anything to happen to you and you'd be alive till 2026 for sure!

Thanks for your Goodwill and thoughts towards us. It's very evident it's quite tough surviving this pandemic. With your help it'll be easier.

Well I've been up to a lot during this pandemic. Trying to better my skills especially photography and all.


I've been getting better by the day. I really want to take it up a notch though. I want to be a professional using appropriate gadgets.

What I need is lighting equipment for a one light setup. I would have gotten it but I've been burdened with catering to the essential needs of life which are priorities in this trying period. But your help will be so valuable.

I strongly believe that you'll come through just as you've always done for us good Sir.
I'm also very glad with how Hive turned out a blessing . It'll make it easier.


These items have been in my cart waiting to be checked out sir. I'd be so glad and joyous if I can purchase them because it would really take my photography higher.

They cost a total of 100,000 naira which is about 257 USD. I've also been saving up but I haven't been able to reach even 1/6th of that amount. 257 USD is roughly 1k steem or 800 Hive tokens. Boss I strongly believe I'll get this and ideas be so elated. Hopefully anticipating . Thank you very much.

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