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in steem •  last year

Lately for some reason people couldn't hear me when I talk into my microphone. I assumed it's because it didn't have a proper stand. So I gathered myself a stand that I had laying around somewhere and attached it to my microphone to get this perfect solution that stands up near my mouth whenever I speak :)



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what a Dildo stand😃😃


I'm proud of this. It works great, best mic stand I've ever had.


it's absolutely comical and at the same time creative.Using the closest available resources to solve our immediate needs is not a gift everyone has,it's priceless!

sungguh lucu

@ubg thank you

Hello, follow me and I follow you. I'm new to this and I need help. I would greatly appreciate it

Hola, sigueme y te sigo. Soy nuevo en esto y necesito ayuda. Te lo agradeceria mucho. Saludos!