BABB - Everyone is a Bank

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BABB will empower the microeconomy, improving lives and livelihoods and creating new opportunities for individuals and businesses across the world.

Businesses and developers can create applications to plug seamlessly into the BABB platform. From freelancers employed in the gig economy to global corporations, BABB’s borderless integrated payment systems can reduce the cost of doing business.

Central banks can leverage BABB's technology to start implementing local digital currencies for the micro-economy in a regulated ecosystem. This will enable them to offer citizens access to international remittances and payment gateways.

Anyone around the world will be able to open a UK bank account. All you need to do is download the BABB app, take a selfie and read a passphrase for your voice print. With this account, you can access an almost limitless choice of banking services at low cost.

The BAX token is the native currency of the BABB platform. Token sale participants can buy and hold this currency and benefit from the huge value of the platform.

BABB is launching a Token Sale to sell BAX tokens. We are incentivising our community via a BAX bounty campaign which will reward supporters of the Token Sale.

Participants in the Bounty Campaign will be rewarded with BAX tokens. 2% of all raised BAX tokens will be allocated to be distributed amongst the eligible Bounty Participants in proportion to the stakes they have earned.

Token : BAX
Platform : Ethereum

  • Day 1 20% discount
  • Day 2-7 10% discount
  • Day 8-14 5% discount
Tokens for sale: 1,000,000,000
Accepting : ETH

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