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Hello again everyone. Not too much to update on this week. Two quick announcements. First I have been officially added to the support account list for #thealliacne and I am super thankful. Second I have been checking my steemd.com regularly and see that the voting power has been sitting higher than it needs to be. This is good news! In honor of being officially added to the list I am going to increase the % of which I follow the @killerwhale trail. This should give everyone that killer votes on a little extra and at the same time give me a little more curating credit. Also as for #steemsilvergold this week I have donated a small amount of #steem to @silvergoldbotty for her lease. Things have been super busy around both #thealliacne and #steemsilvergold which makes me happy. Keep up the good work everyone and I'll be seeing you around #steemit

Shout outs as always to @thealliance @killerwhale @silvergoldbotty and of course @armshippie


@tyedyefirepower I am grateful for your support.

I'm glad to help and thank you for stopping by. pew pew 🔫

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