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Since joining steemit in 2017 I've been registered on so many steem-derived blogging sites (the latest being uptrennd), most of which have failed woefully. Once in a while someone comes up with a new idea with plenty promises but along the line the hype outlives the project.

After joining the most recent one i was in a conversation with some of their ambassadors and in minutes i was able to find out why these sites fail.

Lack of a new identity and branding themselves as not steemit : Steemit is flawed everyone knows that, there are plenty of problems and PRs of new projects with all their qualifications and education think announcing their project as not steem, better is enough to get and keep people registered on their platforms.
It never occurred to them that stepping out of steemit's shadow completely and creating something totally different might be a great idea. At the end of the day we are stuck with recycled steemit-obsessed projects with failed promises.

Not willing to put in the hard work: Unlike steem which was built from beneath the ground up, these new projects are comfortable living off steem's success, a lot of people have invested a lot into steem; time and money and this makes them willing to fight for it should the need arise, on the other hand a platform that didn't require much to build will have empty streets when things go bonkers.

In summary, these blogging sites aren't coming up with new ideas and aren't working hard enough on the hard-baked ideas they come up with.

     These are just my humble opinions however.

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