When she cried and the other woman said:

Don't worry, there's a Steem mining guide for Windows.

You're a comedy genius! I wish the last line would have been more punchy. I think this video risk making history.

Thanks! :)

I wish the last line would have been more punchy.

Yeah me too. I actually had it formatted a little better, but it was in a text file, and I thought I had it loaded when I clicked the button to create this ... but I didn't. At that point I didn't feel like doing it over again and just went with it. I had a hard time coming up with stuff for it in the first place, but the idea was funny as hell to me. I wanted to get more "Steem" mentions in, but I could never find the right spot once I was committed to all of the Reddit/Twitter rant, which I liked a lot.

This never gets old. Always hilarious!

Haven't seen one of these for ages :D

No bad...




LOL. Well done Tuck... well done.



Thank you!

das ist sehr gut!

That was great!


Somebody should post this on reddit meta or something.

Do it! :)

It was posted to /r/cryptocurrency and downvoted immediately.

I am very unpopular on reddit, i don't think it will catch

Haha! who is the maker of this? My vote goes there as well if not you!

I made it. :)