Hitler Finds Out About Steem

in steem •  3 years ago  (edited)

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When she cried and the other woman said:

Don't worry, there's a Steem mining guide for Windows.


You're a comedy genius! I wish the last line would have been more punchy. I think this video risk making history.

Thanks! :)

I wish the last line would have been more punchy.

Yeah me too. I actually had it formatted a little better, but it was in a text file, and I thought I had it loaded when I clicked the button to create this ... but I didn't. At that point I didn't feel like doing it over again and just went with it. I had a hard time coming up with stuff for it in the first place, but the idea was funny as hell to me. I wanted to get more "Steem" mentions in, but I could never find the right spot once I was committed to all of the Reddit/Twitter rant, which I liked a lot.

This never gets old. Always hilarious!

Haven't seen one of these for ages :D

No bad...



Thank you!


Haha good stuff tuck

Thanks man!


LOL. Well done Tuck... well done.


das ist sehr gut!


That was great!


Somebody should post this on reddit meta or something.

Do it! :)

It was posted to /r/cryptocurrency and downvoted immediately.

I am very unpopular on reddit, i don't think it will catch

Haha! who is the maker of this? My vote goes there as well if not you!

I made it. :)