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NZ media using a few small isolated arrests that all together added up to ONLY 29 arrests out of 40,000 + supporters in Auckland. With no arrests in Hamilton were the game was held and still all the closet racist lose their minds, and try to link it to Rugby League culture.
I went down to the fields before the game and even though the weather was wet and terrible The Polynesians markets were on, the people were dressed up and happy, I saw trucks and cars with Both the 🇼🇸 Samoan and 🇹🇴 Tongan flags .. I saw nothing but passion and respect.. I saw the love and pride that these people had to be apart of this World Event.

The TokoUso Unity Movement is what a saw..

If the media told that story to the people then maybe, just maybe NZ could learn a thing or two.
#Kotahitanga #TokoUso #Kiatapatahi #RLWC23231288_2207836162575122_1669260009610422687_n.jpg

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