The Power of Let go & the Floyd Mayweather #neverbetired Mindset - The 100 Day Steemit Blogpost Challenge - Day 003

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Hey Guys,
day three of my personal blog post challenge.
today I share some moments and insights of my day. My freelance jobs are growing, i have a ton of work the next days. But anyway, it's not complaining, but i felt a bit overwhelmed today by those tasks, as there are certain deadlines.

Pressure is good, i can perform better with that. I also love stress. This gives you the feeling of movement. not standing still.
I have 3 Clients with projects and company who is giving me my daily work. And I said Yes to a job, that is actually a bit difficult, but i can grow on that. I wanted to start today, grind and shine.

But i felt not in the right mood, and overwhelmed, without knowing where to start. - in this very moment, i decided to change my mindset. I said to myself.. give you a day and ''let go''. Tomorrow the projects will still be there, but it's not s that much important how you start...'' it's important how you finish!''

Then I saw a video on youtube from Floyd Mayweather- an interview from his early days, where he shows how he grew up. It was a 7 min Video on Youtube. I was actually for Conor McGregor in that fight, but i had no clue about boxing, to be honest. I liked the way Conor did the mental warfare.

In this Video Floyd talked about the importance about not being tired. This sounds very simple, but it's actually the most powerful message i heard for a long time. Just imagine: Waking up every morning and being straight there, ready to rock! Or work till late at night and perform at a high level, without any loss of focus. This is a simple thing to learn, but definitely not easy.

But how can you become more awake in life?

I tell you what i will do:

  • eat clean and drink a lot of water
  • no smartphones in the bedroom
  • eat and sleep rhythm optimization
  • schedule the next day before you go to bed
  • a lot of more cardio workouts
  • finish things with the mindset of not being tired, even if i am!
    and so on and so on..

But now i have to sleep and rest.. even when i am not tired ;)

What is your best mindset? Leave me yours in the comments, i will definitely check you out! ;)floyd bw.jpg

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Hi @tristanhero,

Your blog is really good!

Thanks :)


Thank you :) Your poems are interesting, too!