How to find your blog strategy for steemit - 3 Tips for your steemit blog marketing!

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I just started with steemit a few days ago. And it was a cold start from outa nowhere. But i guess every body has been there once. When you start to surf, and you catch your first wave, this is absolutely exciting. But after a while, after realizing it's hard work to paddle, and you are most of the time paddling and fighting against instead of standing in some waves. After this phase, you start to focus on techniques and hacks, that make your surf life easier - like the energy saving paddle technique, positioning and focus in the right moment as well as observing the waves and learn how to read them. That is why i said, like in one of my last posts, surfing is pure self-development. So the same thing is happening here on steemit. You start cold, create content from scratch and then you come to the point where a content strategy is necessarysteemit surf.jpg

In this blog post, i share with you 3 Tipps, that are important to start blogging itself, when your goal is to earn some steem from it. And this is the reason why steemit is fxckixg awesome, or not??


What can you share with the world? What is your profession? What are your stories? What is going on in your life?

Here i have two hearts in my chest- it is absolutely perfect if you are a professional in one niche. At the other side, if you haven't found your niche yet, or if you wanna not only stick to one part of your life or your wisdom, then feel free to share what ever you want. This is my opinion: I think, to be interesting for your followers, you have to give them look behind the scenes and show some of your personality. Best way to do it is, with personal stories, experiences, and pictures!


I started first with the story and then added the tags. The better way is, to reverse that procedure. Steemit makes it really easy because it shows the payouts of those tags and statistics. To find your tags, you should know what are your topics- what can give to the world!

If you wanna be more strategic, then use the math! If you have followed Tipp No 1. you can start researching your tags here on the tag statistics. So i checked, of course, the tags with the biggest payout number first, but then i realized- this is not the way to go. I did the math and calculated for those tags ( in a simple excel sheet), that are my favorites and fitting to my content, the average payout per post and the average comments per post. When you see these tags under this post, these are the tags with the most payouts per post at the moment on this platform, that i found so far. ( But i didn't check every tag--)This took me maybe 10 minutes of my life, but made the steemit way more clear!


So if you want to create a following, you have to be consistent with your content. I choose something like the 100 day- blog post challenge, that i created out of my brain. If this inspires you. to do the same, give me a comment and i will follow you. Because we are playing on the same team!

So if you are new and read this, here are 7 tags that are very good with their average payouts:

  • marketing
  • steam
  • steemit
  • howto
  • marijuana
  • intrduceyourself
  • beyond bitcoin

But never forget, your content should fit and give value for all the tags that you are using!

''What is your best Steemit Advice?'' Please let me know in the comments below and follow me for more stuff like that and my 100 days Blog post challenge! Thanks for reading! ;)

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Sounds not bad. Thanks for sharing these tipps.


thanks.. what is your best advice you can give a newbie?


I wrote also some articles for newbies you can go and check them out. My main Advice for newbies is to get to know the platform. This is not Facebook ​or Instagram. If you know how certain thingswork​s here.Then​n you can develop a better strategy for yourself. And then​ you need to test, test, test.