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RE: Are you a Steem 1 percenter? Do you know who is?

in #steem4 years ago

But also, looking back. Some of the issue here is even in your reply. I don't care about an upvote obviously, but when larger dolphins and whales choose to upvote their own comment on a reply rather than spread their own wealth and give a minnow that measly dollar, it furthers the gap between the so-called "upper" and "lower" class.

I just noticed that afterwards, but its small things like this from individual community members that hinder it more. If you want to upvote yourself go for it, maybe you just didn't think my comment was deserving of your upvote, but if the community doesn't change development means nothing.


If you upvote your own reply then that means you live in a scarcity mode already. So they don't make themselves richer. Will always live in scarcity. One thing is clear and that is nobody wants to give away value to a small account that doesn't seem to have potential. The value will be going to the people you can clearly see expand massive amounts of energy.

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