The Justin's Sun Cult

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It doesn't matter what side you choose, you Justin Sun, you are THE LORD!

Now that all the traitors are gone, more than ever we trust you, we just trust you, my DEAR GREAT LEADER!

The Light!
You are the LIGHT!!

God bless you and all our loved Witnesses!

In Justin Sun we trust!
Amen! 🙏🙏🙏

Resteemed and follow this Cult or you will get Ascaris Lumbricoides in one week!


Hi @treze, I just made @gasaeightyfive resteem your post.   =]

Tired of getting no reward for your posts??

I calculated that:

  • You published more than one post every 48 hours: at least 7 in the past 7 days;
  • The average amount of words in your posts is 74.14 (613 avg total characters);
  • You did not publish nsfw content in the past 7 days
  • 0.00% of your posts in the past 7 days mention photography
  • In 100.00% of your posts you added exactly 1 picture;
  • You got an average author reward below 0.12 SBD in your past 7 posts:
      Avg: 0.07 SBD. Posts: 0.0075 SBD, 0.0055 SBD, 0.007 SBD, 0.45 SBD, 0.012 SBD, 0.007 SBD, 0.012 SBD

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