New collusion on Steem between 120+ accounts

in steem •  2 years ago

All of this account's comments are getting upvoted by the same group of 120+ accounts

His comments are being upvoted w/o the article the comment is on even being viewed

See for yourself

There's also some very recognizable accounts that are a part of this

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An interesting discovery / analysis.

There's a good chance that these accounts are just following the vote of one user.

The users could have handed over their posting keys to a group / curation initiative's (bot) or just have set their own bot to follow a particular user.

As you point out; something seems fishy about the response to this account's most recent comments, which don't seem to stand out enough as being so insightful or valuable that 120+ have liked all of them.

I think if we're going to grow the platform / keep users engaged then we need less of this sort of activity; that makes it feel like a privileged few are benefiting from someone gaming the system.

one person might own ALL of the accounts.
whales can do that.

Maybe they belong to one person? I think you're allowed to have more than one Steem account. Is there a cap?