Swap TRENDO To STEEM - [TRDo Update]

in #steem4 years ago
Hello Steemians / Trendo'ians,
We have developed a bot script to Swap your TRDO balance with STEEM.

How TRENDO To STEEM Swap Works?

If you wish to Swap your TRENDO balance with STEEM, you should send TRENDO tokens to @swap.trendo account & the script will process Swap requests in every 2 hours time period. Moreover, every successful Swap, will burn tokens after the swapping process.

Swapping Ratio?

We set Swapping ratio as 1 STEEM to 800 TRENDO Tokens. (1:800 ratio)
On other word, we assume 1 TRDO worth atleast 0.00125 STEEM.

Refund Policy?

If @swap.trendo has no enough STEEM to swap a request, it will automatically refund that TRENDO token amount to the sender.

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

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intresting. I just received 1,2 steem labelled 'Process of Sharing 50% Compensation of TRENDO Project'
what I am supposed to do? still have 5k of tokens at my wallet

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