STEEM: I... Have... The... Powerrr!

in steem •  2 years ago  (edited)

I'll admit, I am fairly new to this whole "Steem thing." And if I am being even more honest, I took me a very long time to understand how all of this works... particularly,



Having searched tons of post and videos on the subject, with little to no success of finding one that was actually helpful, I came across a video by Andrew Levine that really helped put the Steem Power thing in perspective.

Hopefully you guy took away some useful from knowledge from this video. I know I did. If any of you know of any good videos on Steem, please free to share. I am constantly trying to learn more about this topic!

Just a side note: There are many good post on #Steemit already that can give you a better understanding of how STEEM POWER works. Use all of your resources! #Trevonjb

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