dNations - Build your Steem empire and conquer the blockchain! Developers/designers needed!

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dNations - What is it?

dNations is a game I'm currently building that utilizes the Steem blockchain. In the game, you create your own leader and nation! You are responsible for managing the economics and military of your nation. Alliances will be formed as users compete to create their empire on the blockchain!

Nations will have various duties such as developing technology, infrastructure, citizenry, and more. All of the economic aspects tie in to the military side of the game. For instance, you will need X amount of technology and infrastructure in order to build X type of military weapons and assets.

Wars can be declared to attack other nations and seize their various resources. But, wars are costly to both sides. ;) Members of alliances can trade resources with each other and offer military aid if a friendly nation is attacked.

There will be prize pools for various aspects of the game as well. How this will work exactly is still to be determined. But, there will definitely be Steem rewards for playing.

This is a very simple explanation of how the game will work. There is still a lot of work to do before the beta version is released.

Devs & designers needed!

I'm currently in search of JavaScript developers and graphic designers. If you are interested in helping out, please leave me a comment below and I'll provide you with some contact information and we can discuss things in more detail including compensation.

More specifically, I'm looking for people with knowledge of Vue on the front-end and if you have experience with SteemJS that's a huge plus too.

How can I stay updated?

If you would like to keep up with the future developments of this project, simply follow me. I'll be creating a seperate account for the game later on, but all updates will be given through my personal Steem account for now.

Additionally, I will be posting up a newsletter subscription at https://dnations.app/ very soon. Bookmark it and check back in a few days.

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Great Idea, I would love to see the game on the blockchain.
Resteeming so that you may be able to find a good team. For any other idea or feedback i'll be able to help. I think you should have a discord server for the game.
Dayyan Khan

Sound really cool! I'm no developer but looking forward to the game.
Btw there's a small typo:
"Nations will have various duties suck as"

Thanks! Fixed!

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Yes! More strategy games :)
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Thanks! Resttem if you dont mind to hekp get the word out. I really need to find some help. It would help speed up the process a lot

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Seems to be a very nice game!

The game sounds awesome 😎. Can’t wait to play it.
Unfortunately I am not a developer. But if there is ever any help you need on other things. Feel free to ask and I’ll see what I can do.
Have an awesome day!

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Thanks! Resteem if you can. Maybe a developer or designer that couldnbe interested follows you. ☺️

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I had already resteemed for you 😃. I have also just posted on Twitter. Hopefully someone sees and can help you out.

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@cardboard. Thank you so much!

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Any Discord channel set?

Not yet, I am in PAL, Curie, and SteemDev channels though. Ill go ahead and make one now.

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If you made that discord channel let me know .

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This sounds like it will be really cool I look forward to it

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