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RE: Can a non-technical, non commercial project be supported on Steem? The Steem ecoVillage Community

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I downvoted for your excessive use of voting bots rather than anything against your initiative

The voting market is very harmful to our ecosystem on Steem. You can't have a place where buyers get paid to promote while sellers make almost as much as 100% self voting and expect that there isn't some form of cost involved. And the cost is over time, every stakeholder has chosen to either sell votes/self vote/circle jerk which completely outcompeted curation in terms of returns and lead to the utter failure of our platform to function as a content discovery and rewards system based on honest curation.

After the economic initiatives were implemented in the last update, fighting against this type of abuse is no longer futile or prohibitively expensive, and some of us have chosen to do just that.

With regards to your initiative it may be a very worthwhile one and certainly worthy of attention and financial support. But I'm afraid for the reasons above I'm against it being subsidized through the use of vote buying directly.


thanks for your reply trafalgar.. Im glad the reason is at least not due to the content.. this was a test of the community response in the light of HF21-23 // and i am starting to get a sense of where we are all with this.. protecting the economics and incentive to others to join in with steem is Very important, and does superseed any individuals motives for promoting a post.. i can see that, i respect this.. i understand.. It was really a mistake to promote it this much, i was like Oh shit last night when it hit #1 and $100.. next time ill do some math before i bid !

thanks a lot for explaining yourself,, it really helps!
have a good one!

Recently I sent 20 Steem to smartmarket to promote a post and after the payout I saw in my wallet that I got less than 20 Steem author reward. So maybe because authors get only 50%v now, the whole thing is not profitable any longer anyway?

Yes correct, and also flags can make it even worse. Bid bots are starting to manually curate now! The gAme is finally changing!

I am flagging vote seeling, but you seem to get it and I really like the post and the project, so no vote, no downvote :)

I am sad that people downvote.

i understand.. i did ask all the main downvotes on this post, and none of them did it because of the content.. just because of #newsteem and the new way of doing things.. so im not upset... there are SO many supportive comments here, i am happy with that! <3

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